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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are simply eye-hand coordination of small finger muscle movements. The term dexterity is commonly used with fine motor skills.

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Tall-Stacker Pegs & Pegboard - eSpecial Needs
Tall-Stacker Pegs & Pegboard

This captivating set entertains while it builds essential fine-motor and math skills. Children simply love to stack these unbreakable plastic...

Textured Tangle Jr. - eSpecial Needs
Textured Tangle Jr.

Give fidgety hands the bumpy twists and groovy curves of a Textured Tangle Jr. sensory toy. Perfect for sensory rooms and portable for outings.

Hairy Tangle Jr. - eSpecial Needs
Hairy Tangle Jr.

Fidget and feel the unique twisty sensations of a sensory toy that you'll never want to put down! The Hairy Tangle Jr. is the perfect sensory...

Tangle Therapy - eSpecial Needs
Tangle Therapy

Provide a never-ending source of tactile fun that keeps hands engaged and boosts fine motor skills with the twisty, knobby Tangle Therapy.

Tall Stacker Building Set
Tall Stacker Building Set

This three-dimensional stacking set teaches children to think ahead as they plan where they will set the peg to build the next platform as well...

Wooden Geo Puzzle Board - eSpecial Needs
Wooden Geo Puzzle Board

The Geo Puzzle Board teaches children color, shape and size recognition with these basic geometric forms.

Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set - eSpecial Needs
Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

Help children develop the fine motor skills that will get them ready for writing, scissor cutting and more with a Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool...

Wooden Circle Sorter - eSpecial Needs
Wooden Circle Sorter

The Wooden Circle Sorter teaches children color, shape and size recognition with these basic geometric forms. Graduated size circles from...

Latches Board

Have fun while developing fine motor and memory skills with the Latches Board wooden puzzle from Melissa & Doug. 

Magnetic Express

The Magnetic Express helps children use magnetic wands to guide metal balls through the maze, selecting their destination.

Hardwood Color Cubes

Our Hardwood Color Cubes are ideal for teaching counting, patterning, spatial reasoning, three-dimensional construction, area and volume...

I Can Tie My Shoes!

One of our favorite lacing tools, I Can Tie My Shoes includes 6 colorful shoes and boots that teach young learners how to tie their shoes.

Rainbow Building Blocks - eSpecial Needs
Rainbow Building Blocks

Create buildings with walls of colorful sand, beads or water with these unique Rainbow Building Blocks that let your child explore color and...

Marble Maze

These Marble Mazes are designed to facilitate finger isolation and pincer grasp, utilize visual tracking, develop bilateral manipulation skills,...

Pathfinder Wall Panel
Pathfinder Wall Panel

Encourage fine and gross motor skill development in the classroom, a waiting room or a child's sensory room with a wall-mounted Pathfinder Wall...

Dolphin Playground

The Dolphin Playground is a felt mat with multicolored felt loops, a felt buttonhole flap, and stretch tunnels.

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