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The games section has a selection of games that will keep children entertained for hours. These games promote a variety of skills like logic, hand-eye coordination, and memory skills.

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Pound the eight colorful wooden pegs into the wooden bench, then flip it over to repeat the activity again and again!

Twirly Whirly

When the Twirly Whirly is turned, shaken, rolled, or twisted, a multitude of colored beads cascade through the tubes balconies and spinners to...

Spiral Ooze Tube - eSpecial Needs
Spiral Ooze Tube

While away the hours as colored drops dazzle and roll their way down the spiral ramp and into your heart with a Spiral Ooze Tube.

Songames for Sensory Processing CDs

Fun and engaging for kids ages 3-8, Songames are musical activities for improving fine-and gross-motor skills, muscle strength, and...

Light Box for Sensory Stimulation - eSpecial Needs
Light Box for Sensory Stimulation

Combine light and tactile stimulation with a light box and fun gel shapes that create an intense sensory experience for the user.

Danceland CD: Fun Songs and Activities to Improve Sensory Skills

Danceland is a musical invitation to move joyfully and creatively! Offering safe and surgent fun for kids of all abilities, you'll be surprised and...

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