Helmets & Head Supports

Hard shell and soft shell helmets offer protection for individuals with seizure activity, head banging or protection from traumatic brain injury. To determine the best type of protective helmet, begin by thinking about your child's seizure behaviors.
If your child falls forward, a helmet with a face guard, face bar, or visor is needed. If your child falls backward, the back of the head needs protection. A good helmet also needs a chinstrap that can be adjusted so that it is snug but not uncomfortable. No matter what direction your child falls, the helmet should absorb the impact, so it will be useless if it does not remain securely on the head.
Our special needs helmets are lightweight with hard-foam to provide good protection. These protective helmets come in a wide variety of styles that can be customized for individuals with seizures. Custom-made infant-sized helmets are also available.

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Soft Shell Helmet

The soft shell helmet is our lightest helmet averages only 8 ounces, and is fully ventilated without compromising head coverage.

Toppen 77 Soft Shell Helmet - eSpecial Needs
Toppen 77 Soft Shell Helmet

This lightweight and ventilated soft protective helmet is appropriate for soft protection required by children with Cerebral Palsy and...

Hensinger Head Support

Soft foam wrap-around collar supports the head by using base support areas at the occiput and jaw line.

Soft Top Comfy Cap

The Soft Comfy Cap is a soft, lightweight helmet made of compression- molded foam with a stylish head hugging design for a uniquely comfortable fit.

Hard Top Comfy Cap

The Hard Comfy Cap is our lightweight protective helmet that features a compression-molded inner foam liner attached to a hard plastic exterior.

Full Coverage Soft Shell Helmet

The Full Coverage Helmet is a lightweight, protective foam helmet designed to cover the temporal cheek area as well as providing additional...

Hard Shell Helmet

Our Hard Shell Helmet is protective headgear that is both comfortable to wear and effective in reducing the risk of head injury.

Hard Shell Helmet with Faceguard

When full coverage is the needed, the Hard Shell Helmet with Faceguard offers the best combination of features.

Bike Helmet

Our Bike Helmet is protective headgear that is both comfortable to wear and effective in reducing the risk of head injury.

Heads Up Flexible Head Support System

Poor muscle tone and limited head control cause daily and lifelong problems for children and adults with special needs. Heads Up solves these...

Halo Helmet

The Halo Helmet is an adjustable helmet is ideal for individuals who do not need full head coverage.

Hard Shell Helmet with Face Bar

Hard Shell Helmet with Face Bar is used when direct, face-forward impact is probable.

Swirl Collar

The Swirl Collar is a soft foam design that wraps around the neck and has a Velcro adjustment on back for easy fitting.

Thumper Bumpers

Thumper Bumpers protective helmets are the ideal protective head gear for infants and toddlers with sensory and motor developmental delays.

Anterior Head Support

Anterior Head Support has a closed front and reinforced sides which allows firm but gentle lifting of the chin and lateral support of the head.

Carrie® Collar with Antimicrobial Protection

The Carrie Collar is a hinged collar that supports the jaw line and occipital region to help improve head control, neck flexion and midline...

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