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We carry a full line of household helpers to help organize and assist with activities including:  bed rail organizers, refrigerator/cabinet locks, bed trays, safety stools, key helpers, sweepers and more.

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Refrigerator/Cabinet Flex Lock

With a secure three-way locking system, this Cabinet Flex-Lock helps prevent children from accessing refrigerators and cabinets that are...

Marinelock Refrigerator Door Lock
Marinelock Refrigerator Door Lock

Keep children and adults from accessing the refrigerator by securing it with the Marinelock Refrigerator Door Lock.

High Rise Step-Up - eSpecial Needs
High Rise Step-Up

Accessing counter and sinks is easy and fun for toddlers with the High Rise Step Stool!

Rubber Doorknob Extension - eSpecial Needs
Rubber Doorknob Extension

Create a more accessible living space for loved ones who have trouble gripping and turning doorknobs in their home with a Rubber Doorknob...

Tenura Silicone Jar Opener - eSpecial Needs
Tenura Silicone Jar Opener

Help people with reduced grip strength due to arthritis or other hand limitations open jars and containers with a Tenura Silicone Jar Opener.

Hole-In-One Key Holder - eSpecial Needs
Hole-In-One Key Holder

Fumbling with keys becomes a thing of the past for individuals with limited hand mobility thanks to the Hole-In-One Key Holder.

Hand Protector & Jar Opener - eSpecial Needs
Hand Protector & Jar Opener

Maintain a secure grip on hot, cold, or slippery items such as bottles, glasses and pans with the Hand Protector & Jar Opener.

Page Turner & Keyboard Aid - eSpecial Needs
Page Turner & Keyboard Aid

Make it easier for loved ones with dexterity issues to read their favorite books and magazines or use a keyboard with this Page Turner &...

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