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Ark Therapeutic Services, Inc.


Ark Therapeutic Services, Inc.

Ark Therapeutic Services, Inc.

ARK Theraputic Services is a leading designer and manufacturer of oral motor tools and products for oral sensory-motor intervention. Used by speech therapists and occupational therapists everywhere, the ARK Therapeutic speech therapy tools include the Z-Vibe, Probe, ProPreffer, ProMini, Grabbers.
The Z-Vibe is a vibratory tool for oral motor, cheek, and lip sensory stimulation. Interchangeable threaded tips with

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ARK's Textured Grabber and Textured Grabber XT - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Textured Grabber® and Textured Grabber XT®

Promote better oral motor skill and sensory development with the additional tactile sensations of ARK's Textured Grabber® and...

ARK's Scented Grabber XT® - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Scented Grabber XT®

ARK's Scented Grabber XT® is an extra tough mouthing therapy tool that is scented, so the increased sensory input will be...

ARK's Grabber XT - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Grabber XT

ARK's Grabber XT's are for those individuals that need to exert lots of jaw pressure while providing an therapeutic opportunity for jaw...

Long-Life Quad Battery for ARK's Z-Vibe®
Long-Life Quad Battery for ARK's Z-Vibe®

Made specifically for ARK's Z-Vibe®, these are long-life quad batteries that are designed to give maximum performance with...

ARK's Tri-Chew and Tri-Chew XT - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Tri-Chew® and Tri-Chew XT®

ARK's Tri-Chew® is designed with ridges, bumps and swirls on each end to simulate the various textures of food used for...

Plastic Z-Vibe Light Blue - eSpecial Needs
Plastic Z-Vibe® Light Blue

Promote oral and speech development the Plastic Z-Vibe's patented dynamic double-ended design allows a therapist to use the device in...

ARK's Y-Chew XT® - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Y-Chew XT®

ARK's Y-Chew XT is another great product to assist in oral exploration and to increase movement of the tongue, lips, and jaw. It can also be...

ARK's Textured Grabber XXT - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Textured Grabber XXT®

Bite down on the toughest oral motor skill and tactile sensory development chewie around ARK's Textured Grabber XXT®.

ARK Grabber Chew Toy - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Grabber®

Provide an opportunity for the mouth to play through jaw movement, tongue movement and oral exploration with ARK's...

Pencil Tip

Pencil Tip turns any Z-Vibe into a vibrating pencil.

ARK's Y-Chew® - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Y-Chew®

ARK's Y-Chew® is another great product to assist in oral exploration and to increase movement of the tongue, lips, and jaw. It...

ARK's Textured Grabber® (Berry Scented) - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Textured Grabber® (Berry Scented)

ARK's Textured Grabber® is also available in a berry-scented version! The sense of smell is very effective in enhancing taste...

ARK's Z-Grabber - eSpecial Needs
ARK's Z-Grabber

Get the best of both worlds with ARK's Z-Grabber® - an innovative oral motor tool that combines the benefits of both the DnZ-Vibe® and...

Z-VibeⓇ Bite-N-Chew Tips - eSpecial Needs
Z-VibeⓇ Bite-N-Chew Tips

The Z-Vibe Bite-N-Chew Tips is designed to promote a sustained bite and to improve jaw strength and stability.

Z-Vibe® Soft Spoon Tip - eSpecial Needs
Z-Vibe® Soft Spoon Tip

The Z-Vibe® Soft Spoon Tip provides easier feeding and a unique oral sensory experience those with autism or down syndrome.

ARK's Z-Vibe® - eSpecial Needs
Z-Vibe® - Aluminum Handle

ARK's Z-Vibe® is a unique vibratory tool with extraordinary versatility. It is used to help build oral tone and improve on speech, feeding...

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