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AAC & Communication


AAC & Communication

For children and adults who are unable or reluctant to use their voices, we offer a complete line of user-friendly Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools and systems that encourage social interaction, while fostering greater independence in virtually any environment.

These AAC products are used by millions of people with a variety of medical and developmental conditions worldwide. From children with developmental language disorders, to individuals with severe physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, to persons who are living with the affects of a stroke, we have a wide array of options.

Over the years, we’ve helped parents, guardians, caregivers, educators, therapists, and AAC professionals in schools, rehabilitation hospitals, and acute care facilities understand the wide-ranging benefits  of AAC products, while assisting them in selecting a single product, or suite of products, that will be most beneficial to the user.

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Talk Block - eSpecial Needs
Talk Block

These recordable blocks reaches beyond simple listening and speaking practice (auditory) to also include visual reinforcement.

BIGmack Communicator
BIGmack Communicator

The BIGmack Communicator has 120 seconds of recording time to let students with disabilities communicate a single message of up to 120 seconds...

GoTalk Button

The GoTalk Button records one 10-second message, and the large PLAY button ensures easy use. Because you do the recording, the message can be in...

GoTalk One

An inexpensive, high-quality single message talker with a large picture display and a big, colorful PLAY button! GoTalk One is super slim and...

Talking Calculator

The Talking Calculator can be programmed to "speak"  numeric entries and is ideal for children with visual difficulties or for use in...

Listen To Me

An affordable Augmentative Communication Device!

Talk Board - eSpecial Needs
Talk Board

Talk Board is a unique multi-sensory learning board that combines audio, visual and tactile experiences in one easy-to-use format!

Personal Talker

The Personal Talker is a single message, ten second recording device with an attached protective cover.

GoTalk 9+

Lightweight, portable, easy-to-use and very durable communication tool, the Go Talk 9 features nine super sensitive 1 3/4” x 2 1/4”...

Key Chain Talker

The key chain talker is ideal for remembering parking places, shopping items or personal agenda. Features an easy-to-touch play button, a...

GoTalk Stand
GoTalk Stand

This lightweight, durable green vinyl folder holds GoTalks securely when closed and opens easily for use as a stand.

GoTalk 4+

Lightweight, portable, easy-to-use and very durable communication tool, the Go Talk 4+ features four super sensitive 3" x 3" message buttons.

GoTalk 20+

Lightweight, portable, easy-to-use and very durable communication tool, featuring 20 super sensitive 1" x 1" message buttons.

Talking Brix

Talking Brix are thin, light communicators with built-in magnets, perfect for carrying in a pocket, or placing around the room!

TalkTrac Wearable Communicator

The TalkTrac wearable communicator makes on-the-go communication easier than ever.

LITTLEmack Communicator

The LITTLEmack Communicator has 75 seconds of recording time to let students with disabilities communicate a single message of up to 75 seconds...

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