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Mounting Kits

The positioning of assistive technology is key to the success of special needs users. We offer a number of switch mounting kit solutions that can be tailored for the unique physical requirements of the individual and for virtually any environment or activity throughout the day.

Many of our mounting solutions are universal and designed to work with virtually any switch, iDevice or augmentative and alternative communication tool, while others are designed for very specific products.

Browse our selection of switch mounting kits to find the right solution for your assistive technology. If you’re not sure, give us a call and together we’ll find exactly what mounting solution best meets your special need.

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Cling! Suction Mounting Arm

Fix switches and other special needs assistive technology devices to tabletops and lap trays, within a half sphere range, with the Cling!...

Lever Universal Mounting Kit

Reliably position special needs users' assistive technology devices with the quick and strong Lever Universal Mounting Kit.

Friction Knob Universal Mounting Kit

Securely place special needs users' assistive technology devices quickly and easily with the Friction Knob Universal Mounting Kit.

Travel Belt Strap

Take special needs assistive technology anywhere with our Travel Belt Strap mounting accessory.

Classroom Ready Mounting Package

Find versatile solutions for a variety of special assistive technology positioning needs with our Classroom Ready Mounting Package.

Cling! Suction Evaluation Kit

Mount a variety of switches and other special needs assistive technology devices to tabletops, lap trays or any flat surface with the Cling!...

Cling! Suction Mounting Plate

Fix switches and other special needs assistive technology devices in any flat position with the super strong hold of the Cling! Suction Mounting...

Latitude Mounting Arm

Provide the ideal balance of strength, durability and flexibility to position special needs user's assistive technology devices with our...

Latitude Mounting Kit

The Latitude Mounting Kit positions assistive technology devices where special needs users need them.

Mounting Plates

Customize your existing mounting system with our Mounting Plates and enable your special needs user to access all of their assistive...

Super Clamp

Customize your existing mounting arm with our Super Clamp and ensure your special needs user has secure access to all of their assistive...

Travel Shoulder Strap

The Travel Shoulder Strap is a great mounting accessory to take special needs assistive technology everywhere.

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