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Adaptive Switches


Wired Single Switches

Wired single switches come in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide individuals with physical challenges access to assistive technology devices.

Browse our vast selection for the right wired single switch and help your special needs user interact with their environment.

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Jelly Bean Twist

Considered a standard in the industry, AbleNet’s Jelly Bean Twist switch features a 2 1/2-inch activation surface and is recommended for...

Oval Texture Switches - eSpecial Needs
Textured Plate Switch

The Oval Texture Switch when engaged provides motivation and tactile stimulation.

Big Red Twist

The Big Red twist offers the original Big Red's 5-inch activation surface with tactile and auditory feedback, but with a twist.

Big Buddy Switch

Made for persons with moderate to severe upper extremity and motor disabilities, the Big Buddy switch features a 4.5" target area and can be...

Buddy Button Switch

The Buddy Button Switch is a durable and reliable single switch that requires only the slightest touch of its 2.5" surface for activation....

Specs Switch

The Specs switch is the most versatile and durable small switch available. With a 1 3/8-inch activation surface, this switch is small enough to...

Micro Light Switch

The Micro Light Switch meets the needs of students who have minimal strength or who activate switches with a feather-light touch. Manufactured...

Switch Click USB

Simulate a range of mouse clicks on the special needs user's computer and access iDevice apps with the Switch Click USB single switch computer...

Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

The Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch is a wired single switch that detects a special needs user's movement instead of touch to activate the...

Grasp Switch

The Grasp Switch - Activate this tube shaped switch with a squeeze or pinch. User must be able to release the grip in approximately 2 seconds to...

Pal Pad Assistive Switches - eSpecial Needs
Pal Pad Assistive Switches

Activate communication aids and other assistive devices with the slightest touch of a Pal Pad Assistive Switch. Choose from three sizes.

Mini Cup Switch

Our Mini Cup Switch is a small, durable wired single switch designed for special needs users with good targeting ability to activate the...

AbleNet String Switch - eSpecial Needs
AbleNet String Switch

The String Switch is ideal for students who have limited finger and hand mobility, as well as those with minimal strength. All it takes is a...

Pillow Switch

The Pillow Switch is a wired single assistive technology device activated by the special needs user's head or cheek and conveniently positioned...

Ribbon Switch

The Ribbon Switch is activated by bending in either direction. Soft to touch and moisture resistant, the ribbon switch provides tactile feedback...

Under Chin Switch

This underchin switch can be worn around the neck for convenient hands-free access and can be combined with other chin switches for multiple access...

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