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Child Locators & Safety

Safety is a big issue for children with autism and special needs. They can easily wander off or elope out in public, unbuckle their seat belt in a moving car, or get into thinsg that are not safe for them.
This selection of child locators and safety products can help keep your children safe. Child locators can help prevent wandering or child abduction that can lead to a lost and scared child and  help parents keep track of their child's location. Seat belt buckle guards keep children from releasing the seat belt keeping them in their seat and safe.

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Seat Belt Buckle Guard

The Seat Belt Buckle Guard is a seat belt lock designed to prevent children with emotional and cognitive disabilities from releasing the seat...

E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for Family Vehicles

Our E-Z-ON Adjustable Vests for Family Vehicles enable the safe transportation of special needs children and adults in the upright position.

E-Z-ON 86Y Universal Harness for Family Vehicles

With E-Z-On's 86Y Universal Harness, your back seat passengers will enjoy the same level of protection as airline pilots and race car drivers.

Child Locator with Distance Alert

Parents can locate their child from 600 ft to an inch away. Get a warning from the custom distance alert or via included panic button tag. This...

Refrigerator/Cabinet Flex Lock

With a secure three-way locking system, this Cabinet Flex-Lock helps prevent children from accessing refrigerators and cabinets that are...

Wristag for Child Locator

Child Locator Wristags features an anti tamper buckle and splash proof sleeve designed for children to wear.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator

Kids can disappear in an instant! Make outings safer and less stressful with this easy-to-use child locator device. Clip the bear receiver to...

E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for School Buses

Our E-Z-ON Adjustable Vests for School Buses enable the safe transportation of special needs children and adults in the upright position.

Lok8u Freedom GPS Locator Emergency Alert Device

Freedom GPS locator watch has been designed to address children to adults at-risk for wandering or eloping.

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