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Conversation, Language & Talking

Children with autism have difficulties with speech with more emphasis on how to use language socially to communicate including holding a conversation, interpreting the other person's thoughts, and recognizing facial expressions, voice tone and body language.

These books, DVDs and flash cards focus on nonverbal and verbal communication. The workbooks focus on the early learner by targeting both behavior and communication and progress into social conversation.

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See & Spell

Complete a puzzle to spell a word, while developing a sight-reading vocabulary or use the letters for stenciling.

I Can Do It! Reward Chart

The I Can Do It! Reward Chart is a token board made for parents and teachers to use with children to structure their day and reinforce good habits...

Conversation in Pictures - Daily Living Skills

Conversation in Pictures teach your child conversation skills with pictures by visually showing how a conversation takes place between two...

Learn To Respond Appropriately

Learn To Respond Appropriately teaches children to be successful in every day instructions as they learn how to respond in various situations.

Things I Like to Do Conversation Starter Cards

A great tool for teaching conversation.

Conversation in Pictures - Out & About

Conversation in Pictures teach your child conversation skills with pictures by visually showing how a conversation takes place between two...

Token Reward Board

Token Reward Boards are a party of every Applied Behavior Analysis Program.

Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism

A step-by-step guide on how to teach conversation skills.

Teaching Kids of All Ages to Ask Questions

We recommend this book for its comprehensive coverage of Wh-Questions and different parts of speech.

Everyday Conversation Starter Cards

Teach children the gift of gab with the simple and effective approach provided by Everyday Conversation starter Cards. 

Watch Me Learn Vol. 4: Friends

Watch Me Learn videos deploy research proven video-modeling techniques helping children learn appropriate social, language and functional...

Fitting In & Having Fun - Volume 1

Improve children's ability to perceive and interact socially, especially those with Asperger's or HFA, with the Fitting In & Having Fun...

Reward Chart Supplemental Packs - Behavior/Family Set

The Behavior/Family Set supplements the I Can Do It! Reward Chart.

The Language of Math for Young Learners

This book was intended to help teachers and speech/language pathologists bridge the gap between language and math.

Wh-Question Series: Community Outings

This new set enables children to understand Who, What, When, Where and Why questions as they pertain to places in the community.

I Can Get Ready For School Reward Chart

Raise more responsible, self-reliant kids through picture communication, token incentive and praise with our I Can Get Ready For School Reward...

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