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Bath & Shower Chairs

Bathing & Shower Chairs - eSpecial Needs

Our bath and shower chairs provide support and positioning for children and adults using special needs bathing systems. These bathing chairs feature multi-positioning seat backs so it is comfortable for the child during their bath. The bath and shower chairs can then be repositioned for complete hygiene, cleansing and easy storage.

Designed for children to adult sizes, our bath seats are lightweight and easy to fold.  Tub stands lift the bath chair to a convenient working height for the caregiver.  Shower stand turns the bath chair into a shower chair at the perfect standing height for the caregiver, and rolls into the shower.

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Otter Bathing System - eSpecial Needs
Otter Bathing System

The Wenzelite Otter Bathing System is an ideal bathing system that offers comfort, safety and adjustments in both the seat and back for special...

Children's Chaise Child Seat

Originally designed for the bathtub, the lightweight and portable Children's Chaise Child Seat is just as practical for the backyard or living...

Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair - eSpecial Needs
Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair

Make shower time more easy and fun with the adaptive Starfish Bath Chair designed to reach new levels of functionality, adjustability and...

Rifton Blue Wave Bathing Chair and Bathing System

The Rifton Blue Wave Bathing Chair and Bathing System is a modular, versatile, practical bathing system that is height adjustable and useable in...

Deluxe Adjustable Bath Chair - eSpecial Needs
Deluxe Adjustable Bath Chair

The Deluxe Adjustable Bath Chair has three back positions that allow for seat depth adjustment.

Plastic Shower Transfer Bench - eSpecial Needs
Plastic Shower Transfer Bench

Make getting in and out of the shower a safer experience for a loved one with poor mobility with the Plastic Transfer Bench in the bathtub.

Corner Seat/Positioning Aid

Promote head and upper extremity control and encourage the development of fine motor control with the Corner Seat/Positioning Aid. 

Supreme Reclining Bath Chair - eSpecial Needs
Columbia Medical Supreme Reclining Bath Chair

Supreme Reclining Bath Chair is an articulating bath chair that is constructed from durable heavy-duty, rust-proof PVC. The seat and back...

Wenzelite Dolphin Bathing Chair

The Wenzelite Dolphin Bathing Chair provides positioning for your child during bathing. Its adjustability makes it a versatile bathing chair for...

Snug Seat Manatee Bath Seat

The Snug Seat/R82 Manatee Bath Seat is a pediatric bath seat specifically designed for children up to teenage years with special needs. The...

Snug Seat Minnow Bath Support - eSpecial Needs
Snug Seat Minnow Bath Support

The Snug Seat Minnow bath support is designed for moderately involved children who need trunk support in tub, wading pool or floor sitting.

Snug Seat Flamingo Seat

The Flamingo Seat for children offers great versatility on the bathroom. Designed with several different positioning options, the Flamingo Seat...

Bath Corner Chair - eSpecial Needs
Bath Corner Chair

Provide stability, comfort and support for small children during bath time with Smirthwaite's Bath Corner Chair. Perfect for bathtubs of all...

Versa Transfer System - eSpecial Needs
Columbia Medical Versa Transfer System

Versa Transfer System eliminates the need for heavy lifting and awkward transfers. This lightweight aluminum system functions as a roll-in...

EliteVerse™ Bath/Shower Transfer System

Reduce bathing process stress for disabled users and caregivers with the multi-functional EliteVerse™ Bath/Shower Transfer System for...

Elite™ Bath & Shower Transfer System

Simplify the bathing process for physically disabled individuals and their caregivers with the 3-in-1 multi-functional Elite™ Bath &...

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