Goodbye freezing temperatures and gray days; hello warmth and sunshine! Spring is finally here and it’s time to take full advantage of the positive changes in the weather to get outside and get moving. So get some fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature and engage in some of these fun activities that will help your family shake off those winter doldrums.


Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

A time-honored “nice day” activity, blowing bubbles is one of simplest and most enjoyable ways to while away the hours on a spring afternoon. It’s also a fun way to work on important oral motor skills such as lip pursing and breath control.

And for those who have trouble blowing their own, an automatic bubble blower can fill the air with a steady stream of bubbles, providing a magically visual show as they listen to music or just let the spring breeze lull them into a nice outdoor nap.

Messy Sensory Table Play

The best thing about being outdoors? That’s where all the messiest stuff happens! And after being cooped up inside for so long, there are a lot of messes to catch up on. So why not get your kids started by preparing some of the sloppier sensory activities you’ve been pinning to Pinterest all Winter to celebrate not being trapped indoors?

A sensory table in the yard, garage or on the porch makes exploring paints, foams, sand, mud and homemade slimes even more fun because there’s no floor, walls or furniture to mess up. Your child can dig in and have a messy good time, and the only things you have to worry about cleaning up are the table and the kid.

Don’t have a sensory table? Just throw down a picnic blanket – washable, of course – or tarp in the yard and bring out some storage tubs, kiddie pools or old casserole dishes full of sensory exploration fun. Clean up is still a breeze and everyone gets some time outside.

Swing Away

Your outdoor swing set has been awfully lonely over the past three months, the poor thing. Having to wait so long and endure the snow and ice, only random squirrels and the memories of all the fun it shared with your child last Spring, Summer and Fall to keep it company must be pretty rough. Well good news, swing sets across the country. It’s finally time to get swinging again!

Now that winter has melted away, it’s time to get reacquainted with your favorite place to play as well as the vestibular stimulation that can be hard to come by during the winter months. So get out there and show that swing set just how much you appreciate it before next winter. (You might also want to look into getting an indoor swing to keep swinging during the cold. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)


Take a Stroll(er)

As nature begins to wake up after its long chilly nap, there’s a lot of new sights and sounds to discover popping up all over the place. Take some time to appreciate them all by planning a daily stroll or a nice picnic with your loved one in their stroller, pushchair or wheelchair. Young children will enjoy identifying the colors, noises and animals you experience along your route. For older children and adults, just being outside and relaxing can be a beneficial part of their daily routine.

The weather’s just right for visiting some of the attractions close to you, too. Plan a visit to a zoo, botanical garden or walking trails nearby, but remember to check on how accessible they are before going.

Ride Off into the Sunset

This season can be a great time to “spring” into independence, and taking a tricycle or bicycle ride is a great way to promote that feeling. It’s also perfect for catching up on the physical activity it’s so easy to miss out on when the cold weather makes it difficult to play outside. So grab some helmets, find a local bike trail or park and pedal towards a stronger, healthier year.

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance

While maybe not the most fun activity on the list, cleaning up and performing maintenance on the adaptive equipment you use is an important part of keeping your loved ones safe, comfortable and healthy. What better time to get around to it than spring cleaning?

Take some time to make sure any wheelchairs, strollers, standers or bath and shower chairs you own are in good working order. Make any necessary adjustments needed to compensate for growth and take note of any upgrades or accessories you may need.

It may also be the right time to think about getting something new. If so, consider cleaning up your old equipment and donating it to a local charitable organization that can use it to help another family down the line.

The Forecast Calls for Fun

Springtime holds so many great opportunities for getting active, so don’t let it slip by. Make getting outside with your loved ones a priority before the scorching heat of Summer has your family hiding indoors again!

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Image Credits: “249/365 Daisy” by martinak15 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / “Sensory panels. Rubber softfall under play equipment.” by Brisbane City Council is licensed under CC BY 2.0