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Children's Books

Colorful and interactive language-based programs that develops communication and cognitive skills!
Create your own personalized stories to encourage young learners learn topics that apply to the daily routines. These fun-filled language picture books are recommended for all children.

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Come to My Farm

Develop communication and cognitive skills with the colorful and interactive Come to My Farm, part of the Come Learn With Me program.

Come To My House

Come to My House is a colorful and interactive language-based program that develops communication and cognitive skills.

Using The Bathroom

Using The Bathroom walks children through the routine of using the toilet. discusses steps for using the bathroom including knocking on and closing...

My Space, Your Space - Personalized Success Stories™

Explore spatial relationships in an individualized way. Discusses appropriate personal space during conversations as well as appropriate...

Feeling Angry - Personalized Success Stories™

Explore feeling angry and how to work through this emotion in a customized way with Feeling Angry from the Personalized Success Stories series...

Playing Together - Personalized Success Stories™

Empower children with the knowledge to take turns, follow rules, respect others and be a good sport with this personalized Playing Together...

Come Ride With Me

Develop communication and cognitive skills with the colorful and language-based Come Ride With Me program.

My Day At School

My Day at School takes the main character through a school day including such activities as independent work, group time, recess, art and...

Jesse and the Super Sensorific Seashore

Follow Jesse as he experiences a wonderful day at the beach while overcoming the sensory processing struggles brought on by his autism.

Listening & Following Directions - Personalized Success Stories™

Give children the skills needed to be successful at home, school and the community with this personalized Listening & Following Directions...

Making Friends - Personalized Success Stories™

Provide children with strategies like helping others, taking turns and inviting other to play with this personalized Making Friends success...

Come Move With Me

Develop communication and cognitive skills with Come Move With Me, a colorful and interactive language-based program.

Feeling Happy - Personalized Success Stories™

Introduce children to the emotions, experiences and emotions of being happy with this personalized Feeling Happy success story.

Please, Thank You and Excuse Me - Personalized Success Stories™

Teach children the basic manners of using please, thank you and excuse me with this personalized Please, Thank You and Excuse Me success story.

When Things Change - Personalized Success Stories™

Give children coping strategies for dealing with changes and their associated feelings with this personalized When Things Change success story.

Having A Conversation - Personalized Success Stories™

Individualize and explore the ins and outs of having a conversation. Discusses being a good conversationalist including taking turns, listening,...

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