Interactive Reading

Our interactive reading books utilizes the power of visual strategies to enable learners to associate pictures with words. Designed to help children learn the basics of reading, these books can also reinforce a variety of other skills at various learning levels.

The books can be used for identifying, matching, labeling, sequencing and creating sentences. Each book comes with detachable pictures that have Velcro backing which can then be placed throughout the book to create individualized and interactive sentences and stories.

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How Many? Interactive Reading Books

How Many? is a fun, innovative and interactive reading books that teaches young learners numbers and quantity.

Things I Do At Home Interactive Reading Books

An interactive reading book that depicts what children do at home.

How Do I Feel? Interactive Reading Books

How Do I Feel? is an interactive reading book for young learners that explores emotions and feelings.

What Color Is It? Interactive Reading Books

An interactive reading book on learning colors.

What Happened and Why? Interactive Reading Books

Learn about Inferences and Reasoning Activities.

What's It For? Interactive Reading Books

Answer the question with 3 simple sentences.

Action! Interactive Reading Books

Use this Action book to help young learners associate pictures with words.

The Ups and Downs of Opposites Interactive Reading Books

Explore opposites with this interactive reading and picture book.

What Do I Do? Interactive Reading Books

Help students understand how to behave in school settings.

Sounds Good To Me Interactive Reading Books

A wonderful journey through the alphabet and phonics!

I Go To School Interactive Reading Books

I Go to School is an interactive reading book that depicts children's school experiences and promotes matching, labeling and other skills.

What Do I Say? Interactive Reading Books

This interactive book explores appropriate social responses to everyday situations.

I Have Feelings, Too! Interactive Reading Books

I Have Feelings, Too is an interactive reading book for teens, adults and seniors that explores emotions using 18 illustrated emotion...

Who's On First? Interactive Reading Books

An Interactive Reading Book About Sequencing.

Meet The Word Family Interactive Reading Books

Exploring word families has never been more fun than with Meet the Word Family, a colorful new interactive reading book.

Pigs In Space Interactive Reading Books

Learn about prepositions, animals and rhyming words with Pigs in Space, a fun illustrated interactive reading book.

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