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DVDs & Videos

Instructional videos have proven to be an effective tool for helping children on the autism spectrum develop language as well as learn proper behavior through peer-modeling.
These peer video modeling series have been designed to address behavior, social skills and sign language. Studies have clearly shown that modeling appropriate behavior is a highly effective tool for teaching concrete skills to children.

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We Sign - Fun Time DVD

Sign and Sing to Old McDonald, Five Little Monkeys, Little Miss Muffet, Row Your Boat, and more.

Fitting In & Having Fun - Volume 1

Improve children's ability to perceive and interact socially, especially those with Asperger's or HFA, with the Fitting In & Having Fun...

Signing Time! Everyday Signs DVD

Explore and learn sign language in a fun and enjoyable way with Everyday Signs from the Signing Time DVD series. 

Watch Me Learn Vol. 4: Friends

Watch Me Learn videos deploy research proven video-modeling techniques helping children learn appropriate social, language and functional...

Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse Vol. 1: Expressing Yourself

Develop children on the autism spectrum into confident individuals through fun video modeling with the Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse Expressing...

Signing Time! My Day DVD

Learn the signs for things you see in a day with the songs on My Day from the hit Signing Time DVD series

Signing Time! Playtime Signs DVD

Explore signs for playtime through the fun, interactive songs and visuals on Playtime Signs, part of the ever-popular Signing Time DVD...

Fitting In & Having Fun Vol. 2: Moving On To Middle School

Give children with special needs like Asperger's the necessary skills to handle moving on to Middle School with the video modeling Fitting In...

Signing Time! My Neighborhood DVD

Learn all about the ASL signs for things in your neighborhood with My Neighborhood from the hit Signing Time DVD series.

Modeling: Lets Go to the Restaurant DVD

Let's Go to the Restaurant is peer video modeling DVD for children with autism that models proper behavior and labels familiar items in a...

Sharing and Taking Turns DVD

This video teaches children effective strategies for taking turns and sharing in situations that they face every day in school, at home and in...

Autism: Now What Do I Do?

Need concise, practical information about Autism? The instructional Autism: Now What Do I Do? DVD is a must-have video for parents...

Handling Transitions & Change DVD

This video teaches children effective strategies for handling transitions and change that they face every day in school, at home and in peer...

Teaching Verbal Behavior: Getting Started

A hands-on workshop for getting started teaching Verbal Behavior. This comprehensive training DVD teaches a behavioral approach to teaching...

Fitting In & Having Fun Vol. 3: Confident and In Control

Give children with Asperger's or HFA the skills needed to regulate their emotions with the video modeling Fitting In & Having Fun -...

Steps4Kids to Write Cursive DVD

Brought to you by the same creative team who designed the Steps4Kids to Write Their ABCs DVD (above), this approximately 1 hour DVD is an...

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