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Alternative Keyboards

Alternative keyboards offer a wide variety of solutions that aid special needs users when accessing computers and browsing the internet. We offer a variety to choose from, including keyboards with large, color-coded keys, oversized keyboards, unique keyboard layouts and keyboard protection.

Browse our selection of alternative keyboards to find the right design that helps them overcome their special need and use a computer with greater ease and control.

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EZ See Large Print Keyboards

The EZ See Large Print Keyboard is a large-key computer keyboard that can assist children with vision or motor-skill impairment, and is an...


The KinderBoard is a large-key computer keyboard that can assist children with vision or motor-skill impairment, and is an excellent first...

Kids Keyboard

Kids Keyboard helps engage and inspire computer users with this keyboard designed for younger students.

VisionBoard2 Yellow Keyboard

VisionBoard2 offers big one inch square, high visibility yellow keys for improved readability and control

Keys-U-See - eSpecial Needs
Keys-U-See® Keyboard

Have a hard time seeing the letters on the keyboard? The Keys-U-See alternative keyboards are the perfect special needs low vision computer...

Kids Computer Package

Kids Computer package helps engage and inspire beginning computer users with this accessories package.

LearningBoard Keyboard

The LearningBoard computer keyboard helps kids of all ages learn the location of letters and other keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard with...

LessonBoard Keyboard

The LessonBoard is a standard-size computer keyboard that is color-coded by finger to show correct finger placement, help reduce the chance of...

VisionBoard2 White Keyboard

VisionBoard2 offers big one inch square, high visibility white keys for improved readability and control

BigKeys LX, ABC Layout

For children learning the ABCs or adults who need large readable keys to operate a computer keyboard, the BigKeysLX ABC Layout keyboard can...

BigKeys LX, QWERTY Layout
BigKeys LX, QWERTY Layout

Empower older adults who need large readble keys or kids just starting to get familiar with computers with this BigKeys LX QWERTY Layout...

IntelliKeys USB Assistive Keyboard - eSpecial Needs
IntelliKeys USB Assistive Keyboard

Make computing more accessible for seniors or children and adults with special needs with the many overlays of the IntelliKeys USB assistive...

Keyboard Seals

Keyboard seals are custom-designed covers that protect keyboards from a variety of contaminants, including dust, dirt, and liquids.

Keys-U-See® Keyboard Cover

Keep your Keys-U-See keyboard clean and prevent the spread of germs with this alternative computer aid BioSafe® cover.

Keys-U-See® Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Unable to see the computer keyboard? The Keys-U-See Wireless Keyboard and Mouse are the perfect alternative aid for special needs users with low...

orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard - eSpecial Needs
orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard

Enable individuals with autism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or carpal tunnel syndrome type and mouse easily with the orbiTouch Keyless...

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