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iDevices such as Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are the hottest consumer technology products on the market. While thousands of applications have been written, persons with special needs have fewer opportunities to enjoy them, because they are intended to be used with touches, swipes and taps.

Our iDevice computer aids enable users with disabilities to access apps without having to touch the screen. Remember, not all apps are switch accessible. It is important to verify that your access solution will work with your iDevice and app.

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GoNow Case™ for iPad & iPad Mini

Protect your iDevice with a case built like a high-tech helmet and provide confident access with the easy-to-carry GoNow Case™ for iPad...

Switch Click USB

Simulate a range of mouse clicks on the special needs user's computer and access iDevice apps with the Switch Click USB single switch computer...

Big Grips iPad Frames - eSpecial Needs
Big Grips iPad Frames

Provide a soft, tactile protection for your iPad while making it more comfortable for a child with special needs to handle with the Big Grips...

Big Button iPod Remote

Help special needs users with limited motor skills control enjoy music on their favorite iDevice by using the Big Button iPod Remote access...

Big Grips Hipster for iPad and iPad Mini - eSpecial Needs
Big Grips Hipster for iPad and iPad Mini

Keep the iPad or iPad Mini handy for users with special needs who use communication apps and software with the Big Grips Hipster carrying case.

Big Grips Tweener for iPad Mini - eSpecial Needs
Big Grips Tweener for iPad Mini

Confidently hand over your iPad Mini to someone knowing the soft, tactile Big Grips Tweener for iPad Mini will protect it from accidental...

Friction Knob Universal iDevice Mounting Kit

Securely place special needs users' iDevices with the quick and easy Friction Knob Universal Mounting Kit computer aid.

Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

The Blue2 wireless switch provides bluetooth access to your favorite Apple device with multiple assistive technology options to fit your...

Hover iDevice Mounting Kit

Give special needs users easy access to their iDevice with the ultra light weight and super strong Hover iDevice Mounting Kit computer aid.

Latitude iDevice Mounting Kit

Position iDevice's in the right position for special needs users with the Latitude Mounting Kit computer aid.

Table Top iDevice Suction Mount

Provide quick and secure access to special needs user's favorite iDevice with the Table Top Suction Mount computer aid.

Big Grips Slim Frame for iPad - eSpecial Needs
Big Grips Slim Frame for iPad

Surround your iPad with soft, tactile protection that's also slim enough to fit into a charging station with the Big Grips Slim Frame...

Freehand Computer Glove Switch

Our Freehand assistive technology provides special needs users easy computer access by simply touching the fingers together on this wired...

iDevice Arm Mount

Enable special needs users to access their iPhone or iPod Touch on the go with the iDevice Arm Mount computer aid.

iDevice Leg Mount

Empower wheelchair and other special needs users to access their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with the iDevice Leg Mount computer aid.

Lever Universal iDevice Mounting Kit

Reliably position special needs users' iDevice's with the quick and strong Lever Universal Mounting Kit computer aid.

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