Attending, Control, Cause & Effect

Attending, Control, Cause & Effect

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Cause and Effect Sights & Sounds Software Complete

Save the most when you buy the complete Sights & Sounds series, all four programs, on one CD.

Cause and Effect Sights & Sounds

Combine five different musical themes with three colorful animated activities and you've got our newest program - Cause and Effect Sights &...

Switch Kids Software

Join the Switch Kids, Jason, Kathy, Carlos, Maria, Darrell and Shandra, in this delightful collection of three cause and effect switch training...

Super Switch Puzzles Software

In Super Switch Puzzles students get to assemble puzzles just by pressing a switch or switches. Select from 5, 10 or 15 switch activations to...

Revenge Of Cause and Effect Sights And Sounds Software

This fourth entry into the series features all new music themes and animated activities. And, like all previous Sights & Sounds programs,...

Teen Tunes Plus - eSpecial Needs
Teen Tunes Plus Software

Teen Tunes Plus is a classroom favorite featuring real photograph sequences, engaging music and fun animation.

New Frog & Fly Software

Frog and Fly contains four switch training activities teach basic cause and effect, step scanning, linear scanning, and reaction time.

More Cause and Effect Sights & Sounds Software

Mix and match these five new musical themes and three new animated activities and go beyond the ultimate in cause & effect software.

Switch Wars Software

Arcade-style game features four activities designed to teach cause and effect, linear scanning, step scanning and reaction time.

Single Switch Games 2

We've taken some games similar to the ones you enjoyed as a kid and made them work just right for single switch users. Your kids will love...

Son Of Cause and Effect Sights and Sounds Software

The third in our Sights & Sounds series, this program features three new cause and effect activities (Popcorn, Ants and Splotch) along with...

Attention Getter Software
Attention Getter Software

Get the attention of your students using this morphing computer program to develop language and vocabulary skills with the...

Single Switch Software Bundle for Mac and for Windows

Includes the entire collection of switch software programs produced by Simtech Publications. Twenty programs for people of all ages. Activities...

Single Switch Software for Teens

Five programs for teens or developmentally delayed adults. Activities for training cause-and-effect, step scanning, auto-scanning and reaction...

Switch Basics Software - eSpecial Needs
Switch Basics

Get students with special needs comfortable with using assessibility switches with Switch Basics software from eSpecial Needs.

Attention Teens Software - eSpecial Needs
Attention Teens Software

Grab your teen's attention with this morphing program to assist with attending and anticipation.

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