Counting, Money, Numbers & Time

Counting, Money, Numbers & Time

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Money Skills

The latest version of Money Skills special needs software includes 5 activities that teach counting money and making change.

Toward Independence Software

A well-rounded collection of five life-skill software programs. Covers money skills, shopping, functional vocabulary and community outings shown...

Early Learning I

Early Learning I is widely acclaimed as one of the best educational programs ever for pre-reading students with disabilities. Dozens of options...

Grocery Store Computer Software

This fun, interactive software gives students 'hands-on' experience in using shopping lists and getting the 'best buy' at a grocery store.

Early Math Skills

Early Math Skills includes 7 activities and dozens of difficulty levels that teach addition, subtraction, number sequencing and greater...

Making Change Software

Making Change is our most advanced level money software program, now with revised new money graphics and scanning capabilities. 

Math Master

Math master is a fun-filled game that can be used to help children learn basic counting skills along with addition and subtraction.

Dollars & Cents Software

Receive three beautifully illustrated interactive money programs on one money saving CD with the Dollars & Cents software program.

MatchTime Software

MatchTime software features a programmed learning approach for students who struggle with time concepts. Four progressively difficult levels...

Show Me Math Software

Show Me Math is for students who do not understand the basic relationship between computation and concrete representation. Focuses on the four...

First Money Software

First Money is our most basic money program, newly revised with better graphics, scanning capabilities and better record keeping.  

Basic Fractions Software

Basic Fractions provides engaging graphics which stimulate learners of any age. Presents wholes, halves, thirds, quarters, sixths and eighths in...

Calculator Tutor Software

Designed for students who struggle to use a calculator, the Calculator Tutor features a large on-screen talking calculator and a variety of...

Number Station Software

Number Station teaches students basic math skills as they explore patterns of numbers by inserting "tokens" into vacant slots in an on-screen...

TimeScales Software

Learning to tell time is tough. Some students master the subtleties quickly, while others find even basic time concepts difficult to understand....

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