Daily Living & Life Skills

Daily Living & Life Skills

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You Are a Social Detective CD

The You Are A Social Detective CD teaches school age children to become better social thinkers by putting on their detective hats and deciphering...

Toward Independence Software

A well-rounded collection of five life-skill software programs. Covers money skills, shopping, functional vocabulary and community outings shown...

Grocery Store Computer Software

This fun, interactive software gives students 'hands-on' experience in using shopping lists and getting the 'best buy' at a grocery store.

Problem Solvers

Using this engaging new software, kids will love solving problems learning how to ask and answer the Wh-questions: Who, What, Where, When and Why.

Grooming for Life Software

This video-based software program stresses the importance of personal care routines in maintaining a good appearance.

Life In Focus Software

Life in Focus is a unique collection of 4,800 digital photographs on one CD, designed for life skill, language and functional vocabulary...

My School Days Software

My School Day has over 100 different scenarios for the older child (cognitive age 6-12 years of age) that demonstrate appropriate interaction,...

Preschool Playtime CD-ROM Volume 1 & 2

Preschool Playtime teaches the young child basic peer interactions and play skills such as taking turns, sharing, requesting, cooperating and...

Shopping List Generator Software

Now even non-readers can make useful shopping lists! This new software program lets your students make picture-based shopping lists. More than 250...

Community Success CD

Community Success Software presents step-by-step illustrated instruction in community activities and the social skills needed for each...

My Community Software

My Community teaches children and young people appropriate social behaviors, interactions, expectations, and safety precautions with peers and...

Grocery Words Software

This all new 3-CD software program presents over 250 Grocery Words in vivid photographs and live action video. Words are divided into eleven...

Visual Essentials Photo and Template Collection

Loaded with over 3,500 photos, templates and layouts, Visual Essentials will help you to create visual materials for special needs individuals and...

Language Activities of Daily Living Sterling Edition: My House by Laureate Learning Systems

This program helps children and adults develop independence in their homes. They'll learn over 100 vocabulary items found in six different rooms:...

Language Activities of Daily Living Sterling Edition™: My House, My Town and My School Package by Laureate Learning Systems®

These programs offer functional language training for students who need to learn about the objects and activities they encounter in their daily...

Picture Cue Dictionary Software

The Picture Cue Dictionary contains five interactive programs on one CD to help students perform everyday activities independently. 

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