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Dysphagia Cups

Our selection of dysphagia cups have been specially designed for people who have difficulty swallowing. These drinking aids allow the user to tuck their chin while drinking which provides for better swallowing.

These drinking aids are designed to direct liquids to the center of the mouth and to help prevent liquid from escaping at the lips.

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Convalescent Feeding Cup - eSpecial Needs
Convalescent Feeding Cup

Permit dribble-free drinking without the need to sit up or raise the head with the Convalescent Feeding Cup.

PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cup - eSpecial Needs
PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cup

PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cup for dysphagia, swallowing disorders, and swallowing problems. Products increase hydration, and reduce risk of...

Dysphagia Cup - eSpecial Needs
Dysphagia Cup

The Dysphagia Cup permits drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work.

Feeding Cup with Long Spout - eSpecial Needs
Feeding Cup with Long Spout

Give infants a feeding cup that is easy to use and adjustable as their drinking skills improve with the long spout on this feeding cup. 

Vacuum Feeding Cup - eSpecial Needs
Vacuum Feeding Cup

A soft rubber air release button on this vacuum feeding cup makes it possible to drink liquid without raising the head.

Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup With Lid - eSpecial Needs
Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup With Lid

The Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup is functional and lightweight for people who have decreased grip strength, wrist pain, hand deformities or need to keep...

No Tip Cup Holder - eSpecial Needs
No Tip Cup Holder

The No Tip Cup Holder prevent cups from tipping over and spilling.

Drinking Aid with Flow Regulator - eSpecial Needs
Drinking Aid with Flow Regulator

The Drinking Aid with Flow Regulator is ideal for people who have oral-motor limitations that make it difficult to drink independently. Ideal...

Two-Handled Cup for Thick Liquids - eSpecial Needs
Two-Handled Cup for Thick Liquids

Provide flow control of thick liquids such as soups or nutritional supplements to those with drinking issues with a Two-Handled Cup for...

People Feeder - eSpecial Needs
People Feeder

The People Feeder allows caregiver to dispense food at any rate. A soft, silicone rubber feeding nozzle can be squeezed to control the flow of...

RiJe Dysphagia Drinking Cup - eSpecial Needs
RiJe Dysphagia Drinking Cup

Provide refreshment and hydration for those suffering from dysphagia or difficulty swallowing with a RiJe Dysphagia Drinking Cup.

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