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Kennedy Cup - eSpecial Needs
Kennedy Cup

The Kennedy Cup is perfect when sitting or reclining in a chair. Easy-to-grip handle can be picked up with those with weak grasp.

Sipper Cup - eSpecial Needs
Sipper Cup

Provide a reusable option for children and adults who need to drink out of straws with the sturdy built-in straws on our plastic Sipper...

Feeding Cup with Long Spout - eSpecial Needs
Feeding Cup with Long Spout

Give infants a feeding cup that is easy to use and adjustable as their drinking skills improve with the long spout on this feeding cup. 

Long Spout Feeding Cup - eSpecial Needs
Long Spout Feeding Cup

Maintain a steady hold on hot or cold drinks with the plastic Long Spout Feeding Cup's deep grooves, which fit comfortably in fingers and resist...

No-Tip Cup with Weighted Base - eSpecial Needs
No-Tip Cup with Weighted base

Help kids learn how to drink on their own without making a mess using the self-righting, two-handled No-Tip Cup with Weighted Base.

Halo Cup - eSpecial Needs
Halo Cup

Reduce accidental spills with the wide "halo" base design of the Halo Cup, a drinking aid that made to provide extra stability. 

Insulated Weighted Cup

Our Insulated Weighted Cup keeps the hot liquids hot, or the cold liquids cold. Weight has been added internally to the base to reduce...

No Tip Cup Holder - eSpecial Needs
No Tip Cup Holder

The No Tip Cup Holder prevent cups from tipping over and spilling.

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