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Drinking Aids & Straws

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SafeStraw - eSpecial Needs

Alleviate the laborious task of manually controlling fluid intake and prevent choking with the innovative SafeStraw™ drinking aid. Sold...

Sippin' Bear Drinking Aid  - eSpecial Needs
Sippin' Bear Drinking Aid

A friendly bear-shaped friend for children struggling with swallowing and low oral motor tone.

One-Way Straws - eSpecial Needs
One-Way Straws

The one way straw has one-way valves which stay filled with fluid - even after removing the straw from a user's lips.

Freedom Cupholder with Vacuum Base
Freedom Cupholder with Vacuum Base

The Freedom Cupholder with Vacuum Base is a patented vacuum system. When you place the non skid cupholder with attached no slip pad on a flat...

Extra Long Drinking Straws - eSpecial Needs
Extra Long Drinking Straws

Provide flexible hands-free drinking to those with limited or restricted head and neck movement with a pack of ten 28-inch Extra Long...

Reusable Drinking Straws - eSpecial Needs
18" Long Reusable Drinking Straws

These reusable straws are useful for drinking soups, milkshakes and other moderately thick liquids.

Drinking Straw Holder - eSpecial Needs
Drinking Straw Holder

Accommodate straws of all sizes at a comfortable angle and hold them steadily in position with the Drinking Straw Holder. 

Feeding Bottle with Flexible Tube - eSpecial Needs
Feeding Bottle with Flexible Tube

Feed individuals who have difficulty chewing, sucking or swallowing and improve their drinking skills with the Feeding Bottle with Flexible...

Straw Holder - eSpecial Needs
Straw Holder

For people who are unable to hold or drink from a glass, this clip-on device eliminates the need to hold the straw.

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