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Built Up Handles

Built Up Handles | Utensils - eSpecial Needs
Built Up Handles

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Good Grips Utensils - eSpecial Needs
Good Grips Utensils

Good Grips Utensils are stainless steel utensils that feature a 1.375" built-up handle.

Coated Bent Built-Up Handle Utensils

Our Coated Bent Built-Up Handle Utensils are all-in-one adaptive dining utensils for individuals with special needs.

Pediatric Easy Grip Cutlery With Built-Up Handles

Curved spoons and forks with built-up handles allow children with limited hand strength, decreased range of motion and decreased grasp to feed...

Pediatric Sure Hand Utensils

Pediatric Sure Hand Utensils have a soft, comfortable, non-slip grip with an extra-wide lip on the handle to stabilize grip and stop the hand...

Sure Hand Utensils - eSpecial Needs
Sure Hand Utensils

Sure Hand Utensils have a soft, comfortable, non-slip grip with an extra-wide lip on the handle to stabilize grip and stop the hand from...

Cylindrical Foam Padding

Cylindrical Foam Padding is used as a build up tool and utensil handles.

Good Grips Coated Utensils

Good Grips Coated Utensils are plastisol coating protects teeth and lips. Ideal for clients with spasticity or limited hand control.

Plastic-Handled Swivel Utensils

Cut down on the mess during mealtimes with these adaptive swivel utensils, which are designed to keep food from spilling. 

Soft Built Up Handle Utensils

Help individuals in rehabilitation improve their grip with Soft Built Up Handle Utensils, which feature foam pads that can be removed as they...

Soft Touch Bendable Utensils

Soft Touch Bendable Utensils combine an easy-to-grasp textured plastic handle and adjustable shaft to create some of our most versatile adapted...

Melaware Adaptive Eating Utensils

Compensate for decreased wrist motions with the easy-to-grasp, cone-shaped handles on the angled spoons and knives of Melaware Utensils. 

Comfort Grip Utensils

The ideal utensil for anyone with a poor grip, our Comfort Grip Utensils have a built up handle that allows maximum control with minimum...

T-Grip Bendable Utensils

Enable individuals with even the weakest grips to eat independently with innovatively designed T-Grip Bendable Utensils. 

Angled Spoon

These soft plastic Angled Spoons help enhance independent eating by minimizing the movements of the shoulder and forearm. 

Maddadapt II Built-Up Cutlery Set - eSpecial Needs
Maddadapt II Built-Up Cutlery Set

Maddadapt II Built-Up Cutlery Set is lightweight, built-up plastic handles provide added comfort, support and gripping power.

Extended Handle Utensils

Our lightweight Extended Handle Utensils add more than a foot of extra reach to aid individuals who have a limited range of motion. 

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