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Handwriting, Writing Aids & Scissors


Handwriting, Writing Aids & Scissors

Our wide range of handwriting, writing aids and adapted scissors assist special needs children with this very important skill.

These daily living aids have been designed to help children with Autism, special needs and physical challenges develop finger dexterity and overcome disabilities to learn to read and write, use scissors and independently manage essential personal care.

Visit our handwriting, writing aids and scissors product selection to find the right daily living aid to help with this complex motor activity.

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PenAgain Twist N' Write Children's Pencils

Designed especially for small hands, the innovative PenAgain Twist N' Write Children's Pencils have a soft, pliable surface that is easy to...

The Writing C.L.A.W. - eSpecial Needs
The Writing C.L.A.W.

The Writing C.L.A.W. is a grip that's so universal you just might toss the others away.

Pencil Finger Fidgets - eSpecial Needs
Pencil Finger Fidgets

Pencil Finger Fidgets allow colorful pencils in various themes to be topped with a fun finger fidgets.

The Grotto Grip pencil grasp trainer
The Grotto Grip Pencil Grasp Trainer

The Grotto Grip pencil grasp trainer targets and activates the proper hand muscles for better handwriting.


The HandiWriter® is designed to facilitate the correct positioning and holding of a writing tool.

Pencil Grips

The Pencil Grip has a pear-shaped body made of a pliable, non-toxic material. It holds the fingers in a relaxed position by supporting the first...

PenAgain Ergo-Sof™ Grip - eSpecial Needs
PenAgain Ergo-Sof™ Grip

Extra-soft, pliable surface makes it even easier to hold the PenAgain Ergo-Sof Grip writing instrument. Perfect for patients with limited...

Easi-Grip Scissors

Self-opening scissors require only half the effort of regular scissors and offer 2 different models: left hand or right hand.

Special Needs Scissors

Special Needs Scissors are a pair of scissors will function as a standard pair of scissors or by rotating the unique clip enabling spring action.

Squiggles Wiggle Writer - eSpecial Needs
Squiggles Wiggle Writer

Turn straight lines into a series of loops, circles or curves with the wiggly-wobbly sensory fun of the Squiggles Wiggle Writer pen.

Pen & Pencil Weights

These colorful pen and pencil weights assist provide feedback for those with difficulty in vestibular or proprioceptive processing.

Tabletop Spring Scissors

The Push Down Table Top Scissors reinforces cutting for those with a limited grip and hand control.

Better Board Slant Board

This slant board collapses to a thickness of just 3/4" and are very, very light!

Dual Control Training Scissors

Dual Control Training Scissors provide assistance for children with weakness, tremors or other issues who cannot operate scissors...

LegiGuides Writing Aids - eSpecial Needs

The LegiGuides was designed by an OT who developed this writing paper to serve as a manuscript legibility guide to address correct spacing,...

Mini Easi-Grip Scissors - eSpecial Needs
Mini Easi-Grip Scissors

Develop early scissors skills with the ultra lightweight Mini Easi-Grip® Scissors. Also suited for special needs due to weak hands or those...

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