Kaye Products, Inc.


Kaye Products, Inc.

Kaye Products, Inc.
Kaye Products manufactures a complete line of mobility aids, adaptive positioning equipment and therapy products for infants, children and young adults with special needs.

Since its beginning, Kaye Products, Inc. has had a pediatric physical therapist as part of the management team. This has allowed them to have the critical therapeutic consultation on customer needs, product design, clinical testing and marketing.

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Kaye Adjustable Benches

The KAYE Adjustable Benches are ideal for children who do not need back support in sitting but need a firm seat which can be adjusted so that the...

Kaye Kinder Chairs

Designed for children who need a wide base of support in order to achieve good pelvic position, lower extremity position, and trunk alignment for...

Kaye Four Wheeled Posture Control Walkers

For users 35" - 72" high, these walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve postural alignment and maximize the potential...


The KAYE T-Tables feature a tilting work surface that permits a child with special needs to be positioned at the optimal distance from the work.

Kaye Nesting Benches

Many therapists require stable sitting to achieve maximal arm and hand movements for play, learning, feeding and oral-motor functions. Kaye...

Kaye T-Seat

The KAYE T-Seats are adjustable in height and can be tilted to place more weight on the feet and provide a more vertical pelvis.

Kaye Posture System

The KAYE Posture System can be added to the Adjustable Benches and T-Seats to provide additional stability in sitting. (Above picture KAYE Posture...

Kaye Red Walkers

Designed to provide support for children who are just learning to walk and need a balancing aid as they begin to develop walking skills.

Kaye Swivel Front Wheeled PostureRest Walkers

PostureRest Walkers provide mobility while promoting improved posture and gait. These walkers include fold-down seats as an integral part of the...

Kaye Scoot-About

The KAYE Scoot-About, a swivel wheeled scooter, is useful for both children and adults. The adjustable seat height makes it possible for...

Kaye Bolster Chairs

Designed for children who need a wide base of support in order to achieve good pelvic position, lower extremity position, and trunk alignment for...

Therapy Bolsters and Stands

KAYE Therapy Bolsters with Stands have many uses in therapy, educational and home programs, depending on the needs of the child and the...

Kaye Corner Chairs

These are for users who need support of the head, trunk, and pelvis in order to both develop an upright sitting posture and align the head and trunk.

Kaye Swivel Front Wheeled Wide Posture Control Walkers

These walkers are designed to accommodate children who wear hip-knee-ankle orthoses or who have wide hips and need additional space within the...

ToniCross Tricycles

Three sizes of ToniCross Tricycles are available for children from 2-1/2 years to an adolescent. The seat and handlebar height is adjustable, the...

Kaye Anterior Chest Support Walkers w/o Forearm Supports

The Kaye Anterior Chest Support Walkers without forearm supports, have been specifically designed for users with severe spasticity, athetosis,...

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