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How to Choose A Projector for my Multi-Sensory Room:

Step 1: Choose your projector: Solar 100C Projector or Solar 250 Projector.
Step 2: Choose a rotator below: Wheel Rotator, 50mm Cassette Rotator, Cassette Rotator or Panoramic Rotator.
Step 3:
Choose your effect wheels or cassettes based on the rotator you choose. Note - Effect wheels are compatible with the Wheel Rotator. Cassettes are compatible with either the 50mm Cassette Rotator, Cassette Rotator or Panoramic Rotator.


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Wheel Rotator

The wheel rotator rotates 6" Effect Wheels at 1/2 rpm to create constantly moving images. For Solar 100C and Solar 250 projectors.

3-Facet Clip-on Prism

3-Facet Clip-on Prism helps to create even more dramatic light effects.

Deflector Mirror Projector Accessory
Deflector Mirror

Deflector Mirror is a moving mirror that adds dynamism to projected images.

Kaleidoscope Lens Accessory - eSpecial Needs
Kaleidoscope Lens

Replaces the standard focusing lens to repeat an effect as a 6-sided image! For Solar 100C and Solar 250.

Panoramic Rotator Projector Accessory - eSpecial Needs
Panoramic Rotator Accessory

The Panoramic Rotator sends original light effects orbiting 360° around the room. Motorized vertical prism attaches to the front focusing...

50mm 4-Cassette AutoChanger

The 50mm 4-Cassette AutoChanger accepts any combination of up to four 50 mm cassettes.

50mm Cassette Rotator

The cassette rotator rotates 50mm Effect Cassettes at 2 rpm.

Cassette Rotator Accessory

The cassette rotator rotates 3” Effect Cassettes at 2 rpm. For Solar 100 LED and Solar 250 LED projectors.

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