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Seating & Positioning


Active Seating

Active seating, active sitting or unsupported sitting, puts the user in motion in a controlled manner. It eliminates static loading and can help nourish the spine. 
Active seating can encourage better posture by activating and strengthening the tiny muscles in our back and core area. It can force the body to strengthen its weakest muscles in order to maintain balance. It can be used to improve focus and alertness by enhancing sensory awareness and simulating the vestibular sense.
Many children with low muscle tone and/or sensory processing disorders tend to move around frequently and sit poorly by placing their heads on the table or wrapping their feet around a chair leg. Providing opportunities for controlled movement such as sitting on a ball chair or seat cushion may actually help a child stay seated and attend to tasks longer.

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Balls With Feet - eSpecial Needs
Balls With Feet

For use with children or adults, these unique therapeutic balls have “feet” that prevent them from rolling when a client is being...

FitBALL Seating Disc - eSpecial Needs
FitBALL® Seating Disc

Inflatable dynamic cushions that mimic both the movement and shape of the ball in any seat. They can also be used on the floor for balance...

Height Adjustable T-Stool - eSpecial Needs
Height Adjustable T-Stool

The height adjustable T-Stool may be used to encourage balance as well as develop integrative and perceptual motor skills.

Cando Inflatable Wedge
Cando Inflatable Wedge

Promote good posture with Cando Inflatable Seat Wedges, which combine the properties of a ball and a wedge.

Balance Disc

The balance disc is inflatable and mimics both the movement and shape of the inflatable ball when used on any seat. It acts as a dynamic cushion...

FitBALL® Wedge

The FitBALL Wedge cushion is an inflatable, dynamic cushion that activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape...

FitBALL Air Cushion - eSpecial Needs
FitBALL® Air Cushion

The Fitball Air Cushion has a unique three-tiered folded side construction that promotes a dynamic sitting position. This inflatable cushion is...

Cando® Donut Exercise Therapy Balls - eSpecial Needs
Cando® Donut Exercise Therapy Balls

Change up your regular exercise ball routine with the unique core strengthening and balance improvement challenge provided by the CanDo®...

Kids Kore Wobble Chair - eSpecial Needs
Kids Kore Wobble Chair

Transform boring seated activities into a way of burning excess energy and engaging core muscles for better health with a Kids Kore Wobble...

Senseez Vibrating Pillow
Senseez Vibrating Pillow

Calm a restless child or sooth a youngster with tactile sensitivities with a compact and lightweight Senseez Vibrating Pillow.

Moving Mountains Peanut Chair - eSpecial Needs
Moving Mountains Peanut Chair

Put some active seating in the sensory room or classroom, or flip for a stable, stationary chair with the rocking Moving Mountains Peanut Chair....

Ball Chairs (Metal)

The Metal Ball Chairs effectively helps improve one’s posture and sense of balance.

Teen Kore Active Chair - eSpecial Needs
Teen Kore Active Chair

Help teens stay active even when they're sitting down! The Teen Kore Active Chair promotes improved core strength and balance while they...

Gymnic® Rody Horse - eSpecial Needs
Rody Horse

Let your child saddle up a bouncy Gymnic® Rody Horse and watch them ride off toward Exercise Town, Better Balance Gulch...

Cando® Wobble Ball - eSpecial Needs
Cando® Wobble Ball

Work core muscles and improve balance as you engage in vestibular stimulation while using the CanDo® Wobble Ball.

Ball Stool

This Ball Stool is a versatile exercise ball chair that holds a 50cm ball (included).

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