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Therapy & Exercise Balls


Therapy & Exercise Balls

Therapy and exercise balls are available in a variety of sizes, textures, colors and shapes. Great for improving balance, posture, visual, eye-hand coordination, vestibular response, gross motor skills, they also provide sensory input including vestibular, tactile, visual, and propioceptive feedback.
Air pumps and inflators make inflating them quick and effortless while the storage and organizers help keep the balls organized on the wall or in corrals. Standard products used in classrooms, clinics, schools and at home.
For information on how to choose the right size therapy or exercise ball, click here.

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Balls With Feet - eSpecial Needs
Balls With Feet

For use with children or adults, these unique therapeutic balls have “feet” that prevent them from rolling when a client is being...

Sensory Spaghetti - eSpecial Needs
Sensory Spaghetti

Add some squish and wiggle to a child's sensory integration therapy or play time with the noodly sensation of the Sensory Spaghetti from...

Inflatable Therapy Balls

Our inflatable therapy balls are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and even just for fun.

Glitter Bead Ball - eSpecial Needs
Glitter Bead Ball

The Glitter Bead Ball has beads that move together inside a clear covering making this a pleasure to squeeze.

EZ Squeeze DNA Ball

The EZ Squeeze DNA Ball is a fun, easy and economical soft Squishy Ball.

Soft Tactile Glove - eSpecial Needs
Soft Tactile Glove

The Soft Tactile Glove is a totally awesome tactile experience!

Saddle Rolls - eSpecial Needs
Saddle Roll

The Saddle Rolls "saddle-like" seat provides stability, comfort and confidence so clients of every age and nearly every diagnosis may...

Super Duty Therapy Balls

The most amazing feature about the Super Duty Therapy Balls is the surface which is extra thick creating a stronger and heavier duty balls.

Goop Ball
Goop Ball

The Goop Ball is all the characteristics of something between a liquid and a solid.

Light Up Morph Ball

The Light Up Morph Ball allows every squeeze result in the silkiest feeling ever and a quick color change that really gets attention.

Maracca Clackerz

The Maracca Clackerz has tiny beads inside that produces not only the clacking sound of the original clackerz, but a "swishing" sound at the...

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
Sensory Ball - Set of 4

Sensory ball 4 pack is perfect for development of socialization and gross motor skills as well as sensory enhancement.


The O-Ball is one of the most irresistible, easy-to-grab 4" (10.2cm) plastic balls.

Textured Sensy Ball

These inflatable textured, exercise sensy balls have a specially textured "nubby" surface that adds tactile and visual elements to ball...

Cando® Hand Wate™ Balls

Choose the exercise balls perfect for therapy and rehabilitation with the color-coded, weighted and easily adjustable Cando® Hand...


Specially textured “nubby” surface adds pleasurable tactile and visual elements to ball therapy. Sensi-rolls are much easier to...

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