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Tactile Stimulation


Spatial Awareness

Spatial Awareness

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Whether you are young or mature, large or small, once inside BodySox, you will find yourself in a private domain which begs for physical and...


The Stretch-eze™ resistance band is an innovative method of improving dynamic stretch and core strength popular with dancers and athletes. Being...

Rock Around

The Rock Around is a spherical rocking toy that provides hours of fun - indoors or outdoors.


The strength, stretch and rebound qualities of the ElastaBlast create a very motivating movement experience for all young children. ElastaBlast...


Parachutes are a great way to develop physical coordination and visual motor skills.

Lil' Floor Bubble

Develop children's gross motor skills like balance, spinning and rocking through imaginative, active play with the smart looking...

CoOp Blanket

The CoOp Blanket's lycra/spandex strength and elasticity promotes trust, individual balance, flexibility and creative play. Themes of support,...

Big Floor Bubble

Expand children's gross motor skills like spinning, balance and rocking through active, imaginative play with the smart looking Big...

Mega Floor Bubble

Advance children's gross motor skills like balance, rocking and spinning through imaginative active play with the smart looking...

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