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Sensory Motor



Vibrotactile - eSpecial NeedsVibrotactile items provide a deeper form of touch that can be used to alert or calm depending on the individual and the type of vibration. For many individuals a vibrating toy can awaken them and provide a more engaged response. For other, relaxing on a vibrating surface can calm and soothe them. We offer many choices for your vibration and vibrotactile needs, from simple toys to mattresses and chairs.

Bestselling Products

VibraDerm Massager Brush

The Vibra-Derm Massager Therapy Brush combines brushing and vibration into one unique product. It gently stimulates the largest organ in the...

Vibrasonic Hairbrush Massager

The Vibrasonic Hairbrush Massager features 2 levels of vibration, angled nylon bristles and a unique massage surface on the backside of the...

Non-Switch Vibrating Snake

Non-Switch Vibrating Snake provides excellent sensory stimulation for children with autism and sensory integration issues.

Adapted Bug Massager

This charming Adapted Bug Massager can be a wonderful component to a relaxation station.

Vibrating Mitt

The Vibrating Mitt provides vibrating massage for relaxation and sensory stimulation.

Body Pillow

The Somatron Body Pillow is a super large, tactile, soft filled pillow.

Relaxation CD Album

The Relaxation Album contains one Deep Relaxation and one Profound Sleep CD.

Mega Love Bug

This plush, Mega Vibrating Love Bug combines the feel of a soft beanbag with the therapeutic effects of vibration.

Classical CD Album

The compositions in the Somatron Classical Album have been created to induce profound imagery in the mind and the relaxation response in the...

Somatron Cloud Chair

Sooth your senses with vibrations made from music in the Somatron Vibrotactile Cloud Chair. Great for hyperactivity and occupational therapy.


Snugums is a small light weight Somatron meant to be held and hugged.

Fitness Rocker

The Fitness Rocker is our newest and most fun therapeutic device increasing physical fitness for those in need.

Vibrating Music Mat

The Somatron Recliner Cushion connects easily to any stereo system or VCR within 10 to 100 watts of power.

Somatron Music Mattress

Enjoy the soothing comfort of sound vibrations as you lie on a vibroacoustic Somatron Music Mattress. Great for stress reduction and pain...

Pain & Anxiety Management CD Album

Somatron’s Theracoustic Music System is designed for settings and procedures that require deep relaxation, pain relief and stress...

Stimulation CD Album

The Stimulation CD Album contains one Fun Entertainment CD and one Exciting Stimulation CD.

Vibro-Tactile Sensory Corner

Our Vibro-Tactile Sensory Corner was developed for your over-stimulated, difficult to calm child. The vibration from the floor gives the child an...

Vibroacoustic Lighted Tunnel

Music resonates as the floors vibrate, offering users a tingling stimulating experience as they tunnel their way through this sensory station.

Vibrating Music Wedge

The Somatron Wedge is a light weight, easily portable vibroacoustic pad.

Crawl Tunnel

Facilitate aural, tactile and visual stimulation in a child as they crawl along or relax upon the vibroacoustic floor of the Somatron Crawl...

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