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Autism is a complex developmental disability and is the most common condition in the group of developmental disorders known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Autism usually presents itself during the first three years of life and is characterized by three distinctive behaviors: difficulty with social interaction, problems with verbal and non-verbal communication, and repetitive behaviors or narrow, obsessive interests. Autism is also a wide-spectrum disorder, which means no two people will have the same symptoms. The impact varies widely, from mild to disabling, and can go unrecognized, especially in mildly affected children or when more debilitating handicaps are masking it.

People once thought autism was not reversible, however most professionals agree that early diagnosis and intervention significantly improves lives. The ideal treatment plan coordinates therapies and behavioral interventions which target the child's core symptoms and behaviors. Today, there are a wide range of treatments and special needs tools available that can be extremely helpful and bring about substantial improvement.

Be sure to visit our ABA & Autism adaptive products, from toys, games and puzzles to flashcards and counters to auditory processing and phonic aids, and keep your child engaged and learning. Our Autism Books & DVDs include a large selection of assessment and testing tools, books from the best minds in the field, and dvd's and videos for enhancing social, behavioral and communication skills. Our essential Sensory Motor products improve gross motor, fine motor and sensory motor integration, including deep pressure, weighted vests and blankets, fidget toys, and swings and swing frames. In addition we have: assistive technology communicators to help non-verbal individuals initiate conversation; oral motor tools to increase muscle strength for improved speech; child locators, car seats, vests and seat belt buckle guard for safety; and splash guards and reducers to help with potty training.

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Sensory Hugs Deep Pressure Sensory Vests
Sensory Hugs Deep Pressure Sensory Vests

Our Sensory Hugs Deep Pressure Sensory Vest  is designed to calm children with autism, ADD, SID and ADHD while also focusing on durability...

Sensory Hugs Weighted V Deep Pressure Sensory Vest - eSpecial Needs
Sensory Hugs Weighted "V" Deep Pressure Sensory Vests

Our Sensory Hugs Weighted "V" Deep Pressure Vests combine the benefits of compression and deep pressure to the chest and shoulders with the...

Flashing Orbit Ball

The flashing orbit ball is a intriguing little wonder features a blazing array of intertwined bands, with oodles of tiny crevices for little...

Small Spinning Light Globe

The Small Spinning Light Globe is a spinning lighted globe that provides plenty of visual stimulation with a pocket size fidget toy.

Flashing Neutron Ball

The flashing neutron ball is a intriguing little wonder features a blazing array of star shapes interwoven around a light-up center. A great...

Wikki Stix Rainbow Pak

Wikki Stix are a one of a kind activity that is twistable, stickable, buildable, playable while offering therapeutic benefits as well.

Sensory Hugs Deep Pressure Sensory Tops

Our Sensory Hugs deep pressure sensory tops are designed to "hug" snuggly to the clients' body, providing deep pressure proprioceptive feedback,...

VibraDerm Massager Brush - eSpecial Needs
VibraDerm Massager Brush

The Vibra-Derm Massager Therapy Brush combines brushing and vibration into one unique product. It gently stimulates the largest organ in the...

TheraTogs ULTRA Posture and Torso Alignment System PTA

TheraTogs ULTRA PTA (Posture and Torso Alignment System) is a set of two garments and a small set of straps, which are an expandable and...

Lap Pal Weighted Lap Pad - Blue

Our economically priced Lap Pal Weighted Lap Pads provide gentle pressure on muscles and joints. Designed for kids, pillow aids in postural...

Sensory Hugs Weighted Lap Pads

Our Sensory Hugs Weighted Lap Pads are designed to provide gentle pressure on muscles and joints. Designed for kids, pillow aids in postural...

Sensory Ball - Set of 4

Sensory ball 4 pack is perfect for development of socialization and gross motor skills as well as sensory enhancement.

TheraTogs ULTRA Full Body System

The TheraTogs ULTRA Full Body System was originally designed for children with complex neuromotor disorders.

See & Spell

Complete a puzzle to spell a word, while developing a sight-reading vocabulary or use the letters for stenciling.

Hand-Held Dog Massager - eSpecial Needs
Hand-Held Dog Massager

This charming Hand-Held Dog Massager can be a wonderful component to a relaxation station. This massager is ideal for therapists or parents...

TheraTogs Wunzi System

TheraTogs Wunzi System is a new system that is a customized body hug that improves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core for those critical...

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