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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy refers to any one of a number of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination but don’t worsen over time. Even though cerebral palsy affects muscle movement, it isn’t caused by problems in the muscles or nerves. It is caused by abnormalities in parts of the brain that control muscle movements. Most children with cerebral palsy are born with it, although it may not be detected until months or years later.

The early signs of cerebral palsy usually appear before age 3. The most common are a lack of muscle coordination when performing voluntary movements (ataxia); stiff or tight muscles and exaggerated reflexes (spasticity); walking with one foot or leg dragging; walking on the toes, a crouched gait, or a “scissored” gait; and muscle tone that is either too stiff or too floppy.

Early treatment can help in overcoming developmental disabilities or learning new ways to accomplish the tasks that challenge them and can go on to enjoy near-normal adult lives if their disabilities are properly managed. Treatment may include physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, drugs to control seizures, relax muscle spasms, and alleviate pain; surgery to correct anatomical abnormalities or release tight muscles; braces and other orthotic devices; wheelchairs and rolling walkers; and communication aids such as computers with attached voice synthesizers.

Bestselling Products

Nosey Drinking Cups

Nosey Cups feature a special cutout that helps maintain proper head and neck positioning when swallowing, making drinking even easier.

Ergonomic Nosey Cup

This ergonomic version of the 8-oz. Nosey Cup provides a steadier grip with its contoured shape and slightly textured surface.

Flexi Cups

Our Flexi Cups are made of flexible plastic with a cutout designed to promote drinking without neck extension.

Nosey Cup

Nosey Cups are ideal for people who have oral motor limitations, limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities, or arthritis.

Doidy Cup

Teach children as young as 3 months how to drink from a cup with a rim using the unique sloping design of the Doidy Cup. 

Roosevelt Car Seat

The Roosevelt is a special needs car seat that ensures the safety and comfort of the child with special health care needs.

Nimbo Posterior Walker

Choose a competitively priced mobility aid with all the right features to advance your special needs user's walking skills with the Nimbo...

R82 Inc. Pilot Special Needs Booster

Choose an adaptive car seat designed to fit a growing child's positioning, safety and transportation needs with the Pilot Special Needs...

Kaye Four Wheeled Posture Control Walkers

For users 35" - 72" high, these walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve postural alignment and maximize the potential...

Britax Traveller Plus EL

Certified for use by children with special needs. A firmly padded, adjustable headrest helps sleeping children remain comfortable. The recline...

Roller Racer Amusement

With all the great features of the Sport Model, the Roller Racer Amusement is even more rugged and durable. Upgraded features include a...

AngelRide Infant Car Bed

The AngelRide Infant Car Bed provides a way for the littlest little ones to ride safely - permitting parents to take their low birth-weight or...

Leckey Positioning Waistcoat

The Leckey Waistcoat fits onto almost any seating system and supports the trunk, shoulders and pelvis effectively and with dignity.

Chill-Out Roll'er Chair with Essential Foam Package

Stretch out and relax with the Chill-Out Chair, a seating solution that allows users to sit safely without restraint in a supportive,...

Trekker Medium Gait Trainer

The Trekker Medium Gait Trainer has been designed as a comfortable, supportive anterior and posterior mobility aid for young special needs...

Kaye Two Wheeled Posture Control Walkers

For users 35" - 72" high, these walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve postural alignment and maximize the...

Kaye Swivel Front Wheeled Posture Control Walkers

For users 35" - 72" high, these walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve postural alignment and maximize the potential...

Columbia Medical TheraPedic Car Seats

The Columbia Medical Special Needs car seat is certified for use with children and adolescents with special needs.

Recaro Performance Sport Reha Car Seat

The new Recaro Performance Sport Reha Car Seat is designed specifically for children with special needs.

Columbia Medical Spirit Adjustable Positioning System (APS) Car Seat

Provide safety for child or young adult passengers with special needs with the Spirit Adjustable Positioning System (APS) Car Seat from eSpecial...

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