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Seating & Positioning


Seating & Positioning

Our adaptive seating and positioning systems provide support for special needs and physically disabled individuals. We offer a wide range of solutions from cushions and seating to the tables and trays where they sit.

Active seating allows the individual to move, encouraging flexibility and movement. Adaptive seating provides positioning support and allows the child better interaction with their environment. Adaptive carseats and seatbelt guards provide safety and support for special needs kids. Positioning rolls and wedges provide proper positioning for eating, transportation and exercise. Adjustable tables, trays and easels accommodate many seating systems and provide a stable learning environment.

Discover our adaptive seating and positioning products for the support they need at home, in the car and school.

Bestselling Products

Seat Belt Buckle Guard

The Seat Belt Buckle Guard is a seat belt lock designed to prevent children with emotional and cognitive disabilities from releasing the seat...

Balls With Feet

For use with children or adults, these unique therapeutic balls have “feet” that prevent them from rolling when a client is being...

E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for Family Vehicles

Our E-Z-ON Adjustable Vests for Family Vehicles enable the safe transportation of special needs children and adults in the upright position.

FitBALL® Seating Disc

Inflatable dynamic cushions that mimic both the movement and shape of the ball in any seat. They can also be used on the floor for balance...

Height Adjustable T-Stool

The height adjustable T-Stool may be used to encourage balance as well as develop integrative and perceptual motor skills.

E-Z-ON 86Y Universal Harness for Family Vehicles

With E-Z-On's 86Y Universal Harness, your back seat passengers will enjoy the same level of protection as airline pilots and race car drivers.

Cando Inflatable Wedge

Promote good posture with Cando Inflatable Seat Wedges, which combine the properties of a ball and a wedge.

Balance Disc

The balance disc is inflatable and mimics both the movement and shape of the inflatable ball when used on any seat. It acts as a dynamic cushion...

Large Vinyl Bean Bag Chairs

These large vinyl bean bags create an even deep pressure input throughout your entire body, which can be calming and comfortable for children...

Crash Pad

The Crash Pad is packed with impact-absorbing foam and covered in rip-stop nylon, the crash pad is perfect for motor planning and balance...

Ball Pit Crash Pad

Choose an active play toy perfect for developing gross motor skills like bouncing and balance with the super-comfortable and...

Kaye Adjustable Benches

The KAYE Adjustable Benches are ideal for children who do not need back support in sitting but need a firm seat which can be adjusted so that the...

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Floor Sitter

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Floor Sitter is an adaptive tilt-in-space seating system for children and adults with special needs that provides secure...

Wenzelite Seat2Go

The Wenzelite Seat2Go is a lightweight, padded positioning seat that has been specifically designed for children with special needs. This...

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitters

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter Only is an adaptive seating system for children and adults with special needs.

E-Z-ON 101 Push Button Vest for Family Vehicles

Keep special needs children and adults safe and secure in the back seat with the E-Z-ON 101 Push Button Vest for Family Vehicles.

FitBALL® Wedge

The FitBALL Wedge cushion is an inflatable, dynamic cushion that activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape...

Kaye Kinder Chairs

Designed for children who need a wide base of support in order to achieve good pelvic position, lower extremity position, and trunk alignment...

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Liners

Positioning seats for children that require additional support in their chairs or strollers.

Special Tomato Height Right Chair

The Special Tomato Height Right Chair offers a stylish, comfortable seating at home or in school.

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