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eSpecial Needs offers a variety of computer software programs designed using learning programs for students with disabilities. From programs that assist with language and vocabulary to ones that focus on core concepts such as numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, opposites, and matching; improving auditory attending and comprehension skills is a main goal of many of the programs.

Our vast selection of computer software for special needs students offers programs designed for preschool aged children through adults. In addition, many of our programs are designed for both Windows and Mac. We also offer peripherals, including Intellikeys Keyboards and Ablenet Switches, designed to provide easier access and use of the computer for those with special needs.

These computer software programs are designed for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), language impairments, developmental disabilities, Down Syndrome, Aphasia and traumatic brain injury.

Schools, hospitals, clinics, and parents use this software to teach critical language, cognitive and reading skills.

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Picture This ... Pro

A cut above the rest, Picture This ... Pro enables you to print your own flashcards and lotto boards with ease and efficiency.

Cause and Effect Sights & Sounds

Combine five different musical themes with three colorful animated activities and you've got our newest program - Cause and Effect Sights &...

Switch Kids Software

Join the Switch Kids, Jason, Kathy, Carlos, Maria, Darrell and Shandra, in this delightful collection of three cause and effect switch training...

Cause and Effect Sights & Sounds Software Complete

Save the most when you buy the complete Sights & Sounds series, all four programs, on one CD.

Functional Living Skills and Behavioral Rules

The Functional Living Skills and Behavioral Rules CD contains over 1,000 color photographs flashcards of people doing a variety of daily...

Money Skills

The latest version of Money Skills special needs software includes 5 activities that teach counting money and making change.

Old MacDonald's Farm Deluxe Software

Early choice-making and cause-and-effect skills are introduced in Old MacDonald's Farm, a deluxe software program based on the classic...

Super Switch Puzzles Software

In Super Switch Puzzles students get to assemble puzzles just by pressing a switch or switches. Select from 5, 10 or 15 switch activations to...

You Are a Social Detective CD

The You Are A Social Detective CD teaches school age children to become better social thinkers by putting on their detective hats and deciphering...

Toward Independence Software

A well-rounded collection of five life-skill software programs. Covers money skills, shopping, functional vocabulary and community outings shown...

Creature Chorus Sterling Edition by Laureate Learning Systems

Creature Chorus Sterling Edition™ offers nine games that can be used with a single switch, mouse, or touch-sensitive screen. Amusing...

Early Learning I

Early Learning I is widely acclaimed as one of the best educational programs ever for pre-reading students with disabilities. Dozens of options...

Grocery Store Computer Software

This fun, interactive software gives students 'hands-on' experience in using shopping lists and getting the 'best buy' at a grocery store.

Following Directions: One and Two-Level Commands Software by Laureate Learning Systems

This program offers 24 different activities that train one-level, sequential, and two-level commands using important school concepts: spatial...

Switch Ensemble Software

Switch Ensemble enables children to actively participate in exciting musical activities using your existing adaptive computer equipment (such as...

The Early Learning Suite

The Early Learning Suite 2.1 contains all 16 activities from Early Learning I, Early Math Skills and Money Skills. The perfect pre-reading solution...

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