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Motor Skills Development


Gross Motor

Gross Motor Skills involve the large muscles of the body that enable such functions as walking, kicking, sitting upright, lifting, and throwing a ball.
Gross Motor development is important for major movement functions such as walking, maintaining balance, coordination, jumping, reaching, and many others. Climbing systems, balance products, ball pools, activity mats, tents, tunnels, and play panels and ideal for all types of gross motor skills.

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Folding Trampoline - eSpecial Needs
Folding Trampoline

Our folding trampoline comes with an easy grip handle, to encourage children to exercise and keep fit. Ideal for children who crave vestibular...

Tactile Balance Stones

Use to practice and reinforce coordination, proprioception, and balance.


The PlasmaCar runs on pure kid power to move. Great for gross motor development and fun. Red Only

Super Enormous Tunnel

A fun way to progress and encourage children who would benefit from dynamic weight bearing in quadriped and improvement of gross motor skills...

See Me Connected Play Tunnel
See Me Connecting Play Tunnel

Ideal for children who may benefit from weight bearing on the upper and lower extremities. Excellent for coordination and gross motor skills.

Balancing Board - 13"

Balance for fun, training or rehabilitation with the smooth 13 inch Balancing Board for children and adults.


This dual function device is a combination of a see saw and a balance board. The players not only need to keep their balance, at the same time...

Exer-Rider - eSpecial Needs

A fun riding toy propelled only by the swinging of the handlebars that encourages trunk extension and rotation, while promoting shoulder...

Mono Trampoline

Our Trampoline Mono will delight children while creating vestibular stimulation. Probably the most beautiful and most suitable trampoline ever...

Wobble Deck

The Wobble Deck is a great balancing aid to develop sound/color recognition, reflexes and coordination!

Wacky Ball - eSpecial Needs
Wacky Ball

Chase, follow and try to catch this hilarious motorized Wacky Ball as it spins, rolls and swivels in wild and uncanny movements.

Basic Cardboard Blocks

Fun colored block can be stacked high to make endless building combinations!

Multi-Match Sensory Discs - eSpecial Needs
Multi-Match Sensory Discs

Enhance sensory perception, color and shape matching and fine motor skills with this set of fun tactile Multi-Match Sensory Discs from eSpecial...

Pedal Walker

The Pedal Walker is great ride on toy for promoting Sensory Integration and Rehabilitation during Physical Therapy. This unique walking platform...

Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll
Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll

By gently rocking the Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll, the therapist can produce a rhythmic movement experience for the child.

Ultimate Balance Board

The Ultimate Balance Board is a breakthrough in design which allows rounded fulcrums to be instantly snapped-on to the platform to increase the...

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