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Matching and sorting activities, games and puzzles help children learn that they can remember what something looks like and later match it up to something like it. These items are designed to stimulate learning and provide tools for color and shape recognition, matching, categorization and memory skills.

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3D Feel & Find - eSpecial Needs
Feel & Find

Contains 20 matching wooden shapes and printed tiles in a reusable, durable cloth bag.

Wooden Geo Puzzle Board - eSpecial Needs
Wooden Geo Puzzle Board

The Geo Puzzle Board teaches children color, shape and size recognition with these basic geometric forms.

Pattern Blocks and Boards

Pattern Blocks and Boards are an excellent way to develop shape recognition and spatial relations.

Picture Words: Memory Matching

Reinforce sight words and build vocabulary with this Photo to Word matching game.

Wooden Circle Sorter - eSpecial Needs
Wooden Circle Sorter

The Wooden Circle Sorter teaches children color, shape and size recognition with these basic geometric forms. Graduated size circles from...

Geometric Stacker

The brightly colored 1" wooden Geometric Stacker cubes are great for building early shape, color and size differentiation skills.

Colored Geo Forms - eSpecial Needs
Colored Geo Forms

Help children challenge their motor skills and develop geometric shape recognition, color matching and size progression abilities with Colored...

Magnetic Pattern Block Kit

The Magnetic Pattern Block Kit is a great learning tool for early development of color, shape and matching skills.

Pattern Blocks Beginner

The Beginner Pattern Blocks set enhances children's early development of colors, shapes and matching skills 

Giant Knob Shape Puzzle

The Giant Knob Shape Puzzle is the ultimate first puzzle. Large, brightly colored geometric shapes with giant knobs designed to fit the palms of...

Tactile Turn 'N Match - eSpecial Needs
Tactile Turn 'N Match

Take your senses for a spin! This Tactile Turn 'N Match puzzle game strengthens tactile sensory skills through matching and touching tactile...

Small, Medium, Large Puzzle Game - eSpecial Needs
Small, Medium, Large Puzzle Game

Compare and match shapes and sizes and watch your child's logic and idenification skill grow as they play the Small, Medium, Large Puzzle Game!

Basic Cardboard Blocks

Fun colored block can be stacked high to make endless building combinations!

Tactile Dominoes - eSpecial Needs
Tactile Dominoes

Develop tactile stimulation, visual perception and fine motor skills through matching and sorting games with our Tactile Dominoes.

Jumbo Knob Puzzles - Shapes

Jumbo Knob Puzzles help develop small motor skills, matching skills, shape recognition and problem solving skills while introducing basic...

Painted Puzzle Storage Case

Add some pizzazz to your home or classroom with this attractive, brightly painted storage case for your puzzles.

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