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Nouns, Body Parts & Adjectives

Language learning cards are specifically created to stimulate learning while providing tools and strategies for creative, effective language building at every stage. Topics covered by the cards nouns, body parts and adjectives.
These flashcards use current, realistic photo flash cards to capture your child's attention and engage the mind.

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Early Objects - Pocket Color Cards

Use Early Objects - Pocket Color Flashcards deck to show the objects that children see in their everyday lives.

Photo Language Cards - Nouns Around The Home

These colorful photo flashcards show easily recognizable everyday objects found around the home and help kids develop grouping and classifying...

Lang O Learn: Body Part Cards

This 20-photo Lang O Learn Body Parts Set features bright, colorful, and current photographic images for teaching basic language skills.

Set of All 3 Photographic Learning Cards

Set of All 3 Photographic Learning Cards: Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives Photographic Cards, Early Learning Skills Photographic Learning Cards...

Opposites/Adjectives: Photo Cards

Opposites/Adjectives learning cards are an extremely effective means for building vocabulary and increasing an understanding of adjectives.

Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives Photographic Cards

A comprehensive set for teaching language.

Food Language Cards

This yummy set of food cards is perfect for exercises in identification and expressive language.

Children's Clothing Language Cards

The Children's Clothing Language Cards cover it all, from coats and gloves, to underwear and accessories.

Everyday Objects Language Cards

The Everyday Objects Language Cards covers coats and gloves, to underwear (girls and boys!) and diapers, to accessories such as necklaces and...

Language Builder: Noun Picture Cards

One of our best-sellers, the Language Builder: Noun Picture set of 350 cards is essential for teaching key language concepts to children with...


The Seasons affect everything we do. We change our clothes and activities according to the weather and time of the year.

Lang O Learn: 13 Box Set

This 13-box set of our popular Lang-O-Learn Flash Cards features bright, colorful, and current photographic images for teaching basic language...

Learn To Talk About ... Nature & Outdoor Play

Develop language and conversational skills with this set of high-quality photo flashcards of nature & outdoor play from the Learn To Talk...

Favorite Animals Language Cards

The Favorite Animals Language Cards capture students' interest with pictures of their favorite animals!

Transportation Language Cards

Things At School Language Cards a perfect introduction to the workers that children encounter in their various experiences.

Lang O Learn 5 Pack Series

5 Box set of the Lang-O-Learn Flash Cards. Full-color photo flash cards, labled on the reverse in 17 languages.

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