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Standers & Standing Aids


Standers & Standing Aids

Standers and standing aids enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities by integrating the special needs child into normal classroom, life and leisure activities. Our adaptive equipment places the user in an upright position, provides stimulation to the bones in the lower extremities, encourages head and trunk control, improves respiratory function and stimulates gastric motility.

  • Supine standers lean backward, support the posterior (back) of the body and are designed for children who do not have head control.
  • Prone standers lean forward, support the anterior (front) of the body and are designed for children with the necessary head control.
  • Sit to stand standers make the transfer between positions easier, are beneficial for standing frequently and highly adjustable for growth and changes.
  • Vertical standers are for users who have fairly good balance and truck control, but still need upright support and alignment.
  • Dynamic standers provide the greatest mobility possible, promote motor skills and increase independence.

Whether you are looking for adaptive equipment for therapy, a standing frame for a paraplegic or a pediatric stander for a special needs child, we are sure to have a product to fit your home, clinic, school or multi-user environment.

Bestselling Products


SuperStand supports prone, supine, or vertical positioning. Convenient, no-tool adjustments make this the perfect system for multi-client use in...

Leckey Squiggles Stander with Pivot Base

The Leckey Squiggles Stander with Pivot Base is gas-operated. It is great as a lift assist, as it can be operated while the child is in the...

Bailey Stand-In Tables

Vertical standing aid designed to support patient’s weight while offering a work surface for upper extremity activities.

Leckey Totstander

The Leckey Totstander is a preschool version of the Freestander designed to meet the needs of children at the early stages of standing. The...

Rifton Large Supine Stander

In the Rifton Large Supine Stander, children and adults can stand at eye level with their peers. Adjustable supports on the standing aid allow...

TherAdapt Vertical Stander

The TherAdapt Vertical Stander provides upright support and vertical alignment, which allows the minimally to moderately involved child to stand....

Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander

The Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander positioner does the job of three standers. Its unique design allows prone, supine or vertical...

Rifton Mini Dynamic Stander

The Rifton Mini Dynamic Stander gives children who would otherwise be wheelchair-bound greater independence and mobility. Even more important,...

Ormesa Dondolino Prone / Upright Stander

The Ormesa Dondolino is a heavy duty tilting prone / upright stander for children with special needs. Available in 3 sizes, the Dondolino...

Rifton Medium Dynamic Stander

The Rifton Medium (Teenage) Dynamic Stander gives children who would otherwise be wheelchair-bound greater independence and mobility. Even more...

Kaye Dynamic Multi-Positioning Stander

The Kaye Dynamic multi-positional stander allows 360 degrees of movement within the base of support while the client is safely aligned in a...

EasyStand Evolv Stander

Improve circulation and lower extremity strength with daily standing therapy provided by the comfortable, sit-to-stand EasyStand Evolv Stander.

EasyStand Bantam

The EasyStand Bantam combines the convenience of a sit-to-stand stander with the added function of a supine stander. This combination allows the...

Leckey Pronestander

Assisting in the promotion of weight bearing and mid-line symmetry, the Leckey Pronestander has long been a favorite standing aid to both the...

Leckey Mygo Stander

The new Leckey Mygo Stander is a 3-in-1 supine, prone and upright stander for 4 to 14 year olds, even those with up to 25 degree contractures.

Dynamic Parapodium

The Dynamic Parapodium standing aid assists with independent standing, sitting up and exercise of upper body.

R82 Inc. Rabbit Pediatric Mobile Stander

Support independent exploration and development in the vertical and prone positions with the reliable and easy-to adjust Rabbit Pediatric Mobile...

Rifton Large Dynamic Stander

The Rifton Large Dynamic Stander gives individuals who would otherwise be wheelchair-bound greater independence and mobility. Even more...

Rifton Large Prone Stander

Rifton Prone Standers are designed to give the user the benefits of weight-bearing in an upright, prone position. Tool-free adjustable supports...

Rifton Small Dynamic Stander

The Rifton Small (Youth) Dynamic Stander gives children who would otherwise be wheelchair-bound greater independence and mobility. Even more...

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