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Transport wheelchairs are specifically designed as a convenient and effective mobility aid for special needs users to use on short trips outside of their home. Transport chairs are typically very lightweight, sturdy and fold up for easy storage and travel.

In comparison to standard wheelchairs, this type of adaptive equipment is smaller, lighter and fold up for easy storage or travel. In addition, they use four small wheels instead of two which require the individual to be pushed by a caregiver. Travel wheelchairs make taking trips more enjoyable because they are easy to use and portable.

Bring freedom to the family and find adventure by choosing one of our transport wheelchairs.

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Super Light Folding Transport Chair

Provide a lightweight and affordable wheelchair alternative, for special needs mobility anywhere, with the attractive Super Light Folding...

Fly-Lite Aluminum Transport Chair

Travel by car, plane or train with the Fly-Lite Aluminum Transport Chair, a lightweight wheelchair that can go anywhere your special needs user...

TranSport Aluminum Transport Chair

Use a wheelchair designed for travel, storage and a safe and convenient special needs mobility experience with the stylish TranSport Aluminum...

Duet Transport Chair & Rollator

Combine the features of a transport wheelchair and a safety roller into one special needs mobility aid with the Duet Transport Chair and...

Expedition Aluminum Folding Transport Chair

The Expedition Aluminum Transport Chair features 8" mag-style wheels and fixed padded armrests. Hand brakes squeeze to stop and push down to lock....

All Terrain Beach Chair - eSpecial Needs
All Terrain Beach Chair

Enjoy a lovely day at the beach or anywhere else you'd like to go with the large wheels and sturdy strength of the All Terrain Beach chair...

All Terrain Chair - eSpecial Needs
All Terrain Chair

Never let rough terrain keep you from where you want to be! The All Terrain Chair is a wheelchair that rolls wherever you need to go.

Aluminum Transport Chair

Make special needs patient's wheelchair trips enjoyable with the lightweight, comfortable and sturdy Aluminum Transport Chair.

Bariatric Aluminum Transport Chair

Support larger users mobility with a lightweight wheelchair designed to accommodate their special needs with the Bariatric Aluminum Transport...

Bariatric Steel Transport Chair

Support larger users mobility with a heavy-duty folding wheelchair designed to accommodate their special needs with the Bariatric Steel...

Deluxe Fly-Weight Transport Chair

Ensure dependable, low maintenance special needs mobility with a transport wheelchair 30% lighter than most, the Deluxe Fly-Weight Transport...

Fly-Weight Transport Chair

Provide durable, low maintenance special needs mobility with one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market, the Fly-Weight Transport Chair.

Go-Kart Transport Chair

Ensure special needs mobility up to 300 lbs. with a sturdy transport wheelchair made from carbon steel with the Go-Kart Transport Chair.

Poly-Fly Wheelchair & Transport Chair

Utilize the dual functionality of the Poly-Fly Wheelchair & Transport Chair combo to provide the user and caregiver with a quality special...

Steel Transport Chair

Use a reliable transport wheelchair that offers smooth special needs mobility at a low price with the Steel Transport Chair.

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