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Upper Extremity Exercise


Therapy Putty

Latex free therapeutic putty and exercise books for patients and individuals requiring resistance for fine motor skills development, arthritis and postsurgical exercise and therapy.

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Theraputty® - eSpecial Needs

Squeeze and knead your way to improved finger and hand strength after injury or surgery with resistive, color-coded Theraputty® exercise...

Scented Therapy Putty - eSpecial Needs
Scented Therapy Putty

Color-coded resistive hand exercise material. For a variety of finger, hand, and wrist resistive exercises. Recommended by therapists to improve...

Glitter Therapy Putty - eSpecial Needs
Glitter Therapy Putty

Glitter Therapy Putty is a non-toxic putty with bits of sparkling glitter to stimulate the senses as it improves hand function.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Super Illusions Super Scarab - eSpecial Needs
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Super Illusions

Tactile stimulation has been been so colorful! Twist, pull and squeeze some shimmery fun with Crazy Aaron's Super Illusions Thinking Putty.

Crazy Aaron's Super Magnetics Thinking Putty - eSpecial Needs
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Super Magnetics

Add the power of magnets to play time, hand therapy or gross motor skill development with a tin of Crazy Aaron's Super Magnetics...

Sammons Preston® Progressive® Putty - eSpecial Needs
Sammons Preston® Progressive® Putty

Sammons Preston® Progressive® Putty is one putty for a whole wide range of treatment needs.

Theraputty® Microwaveable Exercise Putty - eSpecial Needs
Theraputty® Microwaveable Exercise Putty

Sooth hand muscles as you exercise them during therapy with the microwavable warmth of Theraputty® Microwaveable Exercise Putty.

Theraputty® Variable Strength Exercise Putty - eSpecial Needs
Theraputty® Variable Strength Exercise Putty

Gradually increase hand strength at your own pace with the putty-hardening pellets of Theraputty® Variable Strength Exercise Putty.

PuttyCise Theraputty Tools - eSpecial Needs
PuttyCise Theraputty Tools

PuttyCise Theraputty Tools can be pushed, pulled or turned through putty to produce specified exercises.

Therapy Putty Containers

Soft, plastic containers will not dent or break.

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