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Upper Extremity Exercise


Upper Extremity Exercise

Upper Extremity Exercise

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Theraputty® - eSpecial Needs

Squeeze and knead your way to improved finger and hand strength after injury or surgery with resistive, color-coded Theraputty® exercise...

Scented Therapy Putty - eSpecial Needs
Scented Therapy Putty

Color-coded resistive hand exercise material. For a variety of finger, hand, and wrist resistive exercises. Recommended by therapists to improve...

Textured Tangle Jr. - eSpecial Needs
Textured Tangle Jr.

Give fidgety hands the bumpy twists and groovy curves of a Textured Tangle Jr. sensory toy. Perfect for sensory rooms and portable for outings.

Tangle Therapy - eSpecial Needs
Tangle Therapy

Provide a never-ending source of tactile fun that keeps hands engaged and boosts fine motor skills with the twisty, knobby Tangle Therapy.

Nuts & Bolts

Use these oversized geometrically shaped nuts and bolts to promote bilateral coordination, motor planning, eye-hand coordination and fine motor...

Hairy Tangle Jr. - eSpecial Needs
Hairy Tangle Jr.

Fidget and feel the unique twisty sensations of a sensory toy that you'll never want to put down! The Hairy Tangle Jr. is the perfect sensory...

Glitter Therapy Putty - eSpecial Needs
Glitter Therapy Putty

Glitter Therapy Putty is a non-toxic putty with bits of sparkling glitter to stimulate the senses as it improves hand function.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Super Illusions Super Scarab - eSpecial Needs
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Super Illusions

Tactile stimulation has been been so colorful! Twist, pull and squeeze some shimmery fun with Crazy Aaron's Super Illusions Thinking Putty.

Fish Stix

The Fish Stix tongs can be used with fine motor activities.

Geometric Tracking Board

Geometric Tracking Board features moving grommets with large giant knobs follow smoothly along the paths of geometric shapes and pre-writing...

Locks & Latches Fine Motor Activity Board

Our Locks & Latches Fine Motor Activity Board is a free-standing activity board with a wide variety of common, day-to-day activities that require...

Hand & Wrist Web Exerciser

The Hand & Wrist Web Exerciser performs flexion, extension, opposition and supination, all with one handy exerciser.

Crazy Aaron's Super Magnetics Thinking Putty - eSpecial Needs
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Super Magnetics

Add the power of magnets to play time, hand therapy or gross motor skill development with a tin of Crazy Aaron's Super Magnetics...

Large Lock Box

The Large Lock Box is perfect for helping kids develop manual dexterity, fine motor skills and learning the basics of opening and closing...

Motor Shape Sequence Board

Motor Shape Sequence Board features five basic moving geometric grommets in sequence fir motor tracking practice.

Twist-n-Bend Bar

The Twist-n-Bend Bar is an ideal tool for upper extremity strengthening with just the right weight and tactile appeal that therapists love.

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