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Suspension & Swing Hardware

Swinging and rotation for an important part of any vestibular therapy routine. We offer a complete selection of all of the rotaters, height adjustment systems, hardware and parts you will need to create your own indoor therapy system, outdoor swing or additional parts for your existing swing at home, school, daycare or clinic. Durable tire swivels, swing hangers, S-hooks, pelican hooks and swing hardware all designed for both residential and commercial use.
When attaching a swinging apparatus to the ceiling, you must make certain that the attachment is secure and properly hung.  Installation should be a minimum of 6 feet away from any wall, window or obstruction. We recommend consulting with a contractor for safety assurance and code compliance.

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Safety Connector

This strong and durable Swing Safety Connector fits many swings and ceiling apparatus. Holds up to 500 lbs.

Heavy Duty Swing Rotational Device

The Heavy Duty Swing Rotational Device is a strong and durable safety rotational device that works on many of our ceiling mounted swings or...

Residential Light Duty Tire Swivel

Residential Light Duty Tire Swivel a light-duty swivel, with lubricating ball bearing, for hanging tires on wood beams. It will turn 360 degrees...

Height Adjustment System - eSpecial Needs
Height Adjustment System

Our Height Adjustment System provides a home or clinic with everything you need to securely suspend many vestibular tools including the...

Swing Board with Eye Bolts

Don't have a doorway to hang the Support Bar? Now you can use your favorite indoor swing set by securing it to your ceiling framework. The Swing...

2x6 Wood Beam Installation Kit

The 2" x 6" Wood Beam Installation Kit provides a single point connection eyebolt when connecting to exposed beams and rafters.

I-Beam or H-Beam Installation Kit

Steel I beams and H beams are common structures in buildings with more than one floor. Make them work for you as part of your clinic set up with...

Drop Down Chain Swing Extensions

Our Drop Down Chain Swing Extensions enable any attachment to be lowered further than normal for taller doorways or smaller children.

Extra Heavy Duty Tire Swivel for Commercial

Extra Heavy Duty Tire Swivel for Commercial will turn 360 degrees with less tangling or wrapping the chains.

Heavy Duty Tire Swivel for Residential

Residential Heavy Duty Tire Swivel has universal joints covered with a rubber boot for finger protection.

Therapy Rope with Eye Splice - eSpecial Needs
Therapy Rope with Eye Splice

The Therapy Rope with Eye Splice features a 6,000-lb. (2721.6 kg) capacity, and one Eye Splice that enables you to attach the rope to the swivel...

Vertical Bungee Bouncer - eSpecial Needs
Vertical Bungee Bouncer

Instant-fun bounce adapter adds a new dimension of vestibular challenge to swinging.

Prefab Joist Installation Kit - eSpecial Needs
Prefab Joist Installation Kit

This Prefab Joist Installation Kit is a prefab hardware kit that installs an eye bolt through lay-in drop ceiling from a bar joist prefab...

Ceiling Raft Bar

The Ceiling Raft Bar is designed with the special needs child in mind. The swing bar is designed to easily attach to rafters in a basement....

Wood Joist Drop Ceiling Installation Kit

Wood beam eyebolt installation kit is a prefab hardware kit that installs an eyebolt through lay-in drop ceiling from a wood joist.

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