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Wall Mirror

Our Wall Mirrors is a special shatter-resistant PET mirror that reinforces motor visual perception and enhancing self-image.

Visual Explorers

Observe fascinating visual stimulation and uncover sensory motor discoveries dealing with light, color, reflection and more by using our Visual...

Convertible Acrylic Mirror

Unbreakable, chrome-plated steel mirror converts easily from vertical to horizontal to accommodate user position. Safe, acrylic plastic offers a...

Three Bubble Border Mirror

Three Bubble Border can be used vertically or as a horizontal discovery center.

Corner Mirror Pair

Children love our PET acrylic-type Corner Mirrors, which can go in any corner to enhance self-image, discovery, and visual perception.

Reflector Cube

The Reflector Cube satisfies children’s curiosity and desire to explore as well as to fulfill their interest of looking into the mirrors.

Soft Frame Concave Bubble Mirror - eSpecial Needs
Soft Frame Concave Bubble Mirror

Multiply and magnify your child's silliest face or anything else you put in front of the Soft Frame Concave Bubble Mirror. Builds visual motor...

Dome Concave Mirror

Increase sensory motor and visual perception skills through stimulating play of their own reflection with the Dome Concave Mirror.

Glassless Wall Mounting Mirrors - eSpecial Needs
Glassless Wall Mounting Mirrors

Glassless Mirror panels are lightweight, shatterproof and can be used in an environment where glass mirrors can be hazardous if impacted...

Soft Frame Convex Bubble Mirror - eSpecial Needs
Soft Frame Convex Bubble Mirror

Make funny faces and other actions shrink and multiply as your child plays in front of the Soft Frame Convex Bubble Mirror.

Soft Frame Flat Mirror

Our Soft Frame Flat Mirror is a perfect match to our Bubble Mirrors.

Dome Convex Mirror

The convex dome mirror is a unique 18” hemisphere stimulates shaped visual images. Helps with visual motor and perception.

LadyBug Mirror

Our LadyBug Mirror attracts and amazes children as their reflections multiply in the six bubble mirror.

Diamond Bubble Wall Mirror

Diamond Bubble Wall Mirrors are nine mirrors that bend images inwards, leading to hours of fun.

Floor Mirror

Floor Mirror is a 1/4" thick distortion-free mirror with ANSI safety backing and hardwood, plywood frame.

Triangle Mirror

The Triangle Mirror is a great mirror to develop visual attention.

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