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Standard & Lightweight

Standard & Lightweight Wheelchairs - eSpecial Needs

Standard and lightweight manual wheelchairs are the most frequently used all-purpose, mobility solution for special needs users that can propel themselves.

Standard wheelchairs are designed with the most sturdy, comfortable and lightweight materials that can be found. Generally, the adaptive equipment weighs 35 to 44 pounds, have 16 to 20 inch wide seats and support up to 250 to 300 pounds. They also feature folding frames, swing-away footrests and fixed or detachable padded armrests.

Choose a mobility aid that is sturdy and comfortable enough to be used day in and day out and with one of our standard and lightweight wheelchairs.

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Blue Streak Wheelchair - eSpecial Needs
Blue Streak Wheelchair

The Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair is specially designed for recuperating patients who can't move. This wheelchair provides an excellent...

Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair Single Axle - eSpecial Needs
Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair

The Drive Silver Sport Wheelchair is a versatile, economical wheelchair designed to provide trouble free transportation. The attractive, durable...

Viper Plus GT Wheelchair
Viper Plus GT Wheelchair

Choose the most versatile lightweight mobility aid available out of the carton with the easy to move and adjustable Viper Plus GT Wheelchair.

Cirrus IV Wheelchair - eSpecial Needs
Cirrus IV Wheelchair

Discover an excellent blend of quality, economy and lightweight special needs mobility features with the attractive and sturdy Cirrus IV...

Drive Medical Cougar Wheelchair - eSpecial Needs
Cougar Wheelchair

Ensure smooth special needs mobility with a standard wheelchair that is lightweight, easy to transport and extremely adjustable with the Cougar...

Cruiser III Wheelchair - eSpecial Needs
Cruiser III Wheelchair

Purchase a lightweight, adjustable mobility aid that includes all of the standard special needs features for an incredible price with the...

Karman VIP-515 Tilt In Space Foldable Wheelchair

The Karman Tilt-In-Space Transport Wheelchair - VIP-515 uses the intelligent 0-35 center-of-gravity weight shifting to shift pressure and reduce...

Karman VIP-515TP Tilt In Space Foldable Wheelchair

The Karman Tilt-In-Space Transport Wheelchair - VIP-515TP uses the intelligent 0-35 center-of-gravity weight shifting to shift pressure and...

Pioneering Spirit Premium Travel Wheelchair - eSpecial Needs
Pioneering Spirit Premium Travel Wheelchair

Easily travel from place to place without lugging around a traditional wheelchair with the Pioneering Spirit Premium Travel Wheelchair.

Rebel Wheelchair
Rebel Wheelchair

Offer dual-purpose special needs mobility lightweight enough to maneuver anywhere and tough enough for everyday use with the Rebel Wheelchair.

Sentra Full Reclining Wheelchair
Sentra Full Reclining Wheelchair

Purchase a state-of-the-art and attractive special needs mobility aid that can recline up to 180 degrees with the Sentra Full Reclining...

Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair
Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair

Provide a durable mobility aid that offers special needs users a smooth ride with the attractive and easy-to-maintain Silver Sport 2...

Silver Sport Full Reclining Wheelchair
Silver Sport Full Reclining Wheelchair

Deliver state-of-the-art reclining and a comfortable special needs mobility experience with the secure and stable Silver Sport Full Reclining...

Viper Plus Reclining Wheelchair
Viper Plus Reclining Wheelchair

Offer mobility solutions for pediatric to adult special needs users with the fully reclining, high-strength and lightweight Viper Plus...

Zippie ZONE Pediatric Wheelchair - eSpecial Needs
Zippie ZONE Pediatric Wheelchair

Combine fun and functionality as you zip from place to place in the innovative Quickie Zippie ZONE Pediatric Wheelchair.

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