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2x6 Wood Beam Installation Kit

    2x6 Wood Beam Installation Kit

    2x6 Wood Beam Installation Kit

    SKU# E00242

    The 2" x 6" Wood Beam Installation Kit provides a single point connection eyebolt when connecting to exposed beams and rafters.



    The 2" x 6" Beam Installation Kit is mounted to an exposed wooden beam with five hex head bolts. Comes complete with all the hardware necessary for installation. Ready for your building contractor to install.

    The 2" x 6" beam installation kit is capable of holding a minimum of a 500 lb. working load. You must be certain that the beam to which you are attaching this kit, and the location on that beam where you are placing it, can hold the load that you plan to place on it.

    SKU# E00242


    2x6 Wood Beam Installation Kit Specifications:

    • Working Load: 500 lbs.
    • Professional installation is recommended.
    • Use a Heavy Duty Rotational Device (#E00154S) to prevent abnormal wear of eyebolt.
    • Minimum beam size for connection is a 2 x 6.  Do NOT install bracket on a 2 x 4 wood beam.

    Additional Information

    **Installation, Safe Use and Maintenance Instructions**


    IMPORTANT: To keep children safe from harm, follow these precautions and instructions when installing, using, or maintaining this playground equipment. You can also call us at 1-877-664-4565 for more information or see


    Maintenance: Do the following to reduce the chance of serious injuries. Check monthly for cracks, rust, missing rivets, open S-hooks or evidence of vandalism such as cutting, metal showing through the material or bent seats from children standing on them. Tighten and lubricate all metallic moving parts per manufacturer’s instructions. Check spinning action and make sure there is no binding, and using a grease gun put a sufficient amount of standard grease in the hanger to allow the hanger to swing freely. We have used a McKay Molybdenum Disulfide grease cartridge, but any standard grease cartridge from any auto part store should be sufficient. Check all protective coverings on nuts, bolts, pipes, edges, corners and all moving parts including swing hangers, swing seats, ropes, cables, chains and shackles. Replace as needed. Make sure there are no exposed footings, anchoring devices, rocks, roots, holes or any other obstacles in or around playground equipment. In high use areas these inspections should be done more frequently. Clean with mild soap and water when you do the monthly maintenance checks.


    Any damage from vandalism, abuse or misuse VOIDS all warranties.



    All of the following wear points should be checked on a monthly basis:
    • Check eye bolt for loose nuts or movement. Tighten if necessary.
    • Check eye bolt for wear at the point where it rubs against the safety snap. If wear exists, it should not exceed 30% of the diameter of the eye bolt. If it does, discontinue use immediately and replace the eye bolt. (See figure below).

    Wear Pattern On Eye Bolt