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AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle

    AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle

    AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle

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    Improve strength, coordination, and range of motion in small children as they enjoy the AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle. This early intervention adaptive tricycle is great for kids with a variety of diagnosis.

    Every AmTryke tricycle comes with a free helmet!

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    The AmTryke is a pediatric adaptive tricycle specifically designed for children with special needs. The 12” Small Size AmTryke special needs tricycle is recommended for children up to 34" - 40" tall, about age 2-4 years of age. This special needs tricycle will appropriately fit children with a leg length (inseam) of 15"- 20".

    The AmTryke adaptive tricycle is one of the most functional and easy-to-use trikes available. It is powered by hand and foot cranks with a continuous chain mechanism. Optional stationary adapters are available to make the special needs tricycle hand or foot driven. This dynamic system gives children who have been unable to ride a tricycle due to physical disability or decreased strength a chance to ride independently.

    The AmTryke special needs tricycle is sure to provide a wide range of benefits for children with mild to moderate levels of physical involvement.

    Adjustments are simple and can be made to accommodate for growth. The seat back adjusts up and down while the seat can be adjusted forward and backward.

    To see if the AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle will suit your child’s special needs please view sizing chart below.

    Standard Features for AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle include:

    • Continuous chain mechanism for hand/foot movement
    • Steering lock pin for graduated steering: straight, 20 degrees left/right, free steering
    • Self-righting pedals with heel and instep hook and loop straps
    • Includes black poly hook and loop safety chest and lap straps
    • Four-way adjustable seating- up/down and in/out with saddle seat
    • Lower center of gravity
    • Large knobs for easy frame length adjustment
    • Loading brake for easy transfer of rider
    • 12-inch pneumatic front wheel and rear wheels
    • Available in red only
    • Safety helmet included

    Seating Options:

    • Saddle seat with 58" hook and loop lap strap and plastic seat back with 2 40" hook and loop chest straps
    • Molded bucket seat with with 50" hook and loop lap strap and 40" hook and loop chest strap

    **Pedal Blocks SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - See Related Products**

    SKU# E05531


    AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle Specifications

    Age (Approx.) 2-4 years
    Rider Leg Length
    (Center of Hip to Bottom of Shoe)
    Rider Arm Length
    (Middle of Shoulder to Center of Digit Crease)
    Rider Weight 150 lbs
    Rider Max. Height 40"
    Tryke Weight 45 lbs.
    Wheel Size 12"
    Frame Height (Without Seat) 8"
    Total Length (With Push Bar Add 24") 36"
    Width 21"


    **Note** If you are not sure on which size to choose, we recommend completing the Measurement Form and reviewing those measurements against the Sizing Chart. This will also help in selecting a tricycle that will allow for growing room as well. For help with measuring and fitting the user, use our Measurement Form or contact one of our product specialists at 877-664-4565.


    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I choose if the AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle is right for me?
    The AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle is intended for early intervention and designed to build strength and coordination for a wide range of children with disabilities. The hand/foot cycles are intended to stimulate reciprocal movement and increase range of motion including children with Spina Bifida.
    What is the user cannot sit up on their own and has poor trunk control?
    The AmTryke AM-12S Hand & Foot Therapeutic Tricycle comes standard with the Saddle Seat. Other additional options available are: Bucket Seat, Snappy Seat or Bench Seat. We also offer the Snappy Seat which provides padded trunk and head support for the user. Options for lateral supports and an H-Harness on the Snappy Seat are also available.
    How do I determine which size AmTryke tricycle to purchase?
    Refer to our Sizing Chart under the Specifications tab.  You will need to focus on the user's inseam length (inside of leg to bottom of heel) and arm length (top of arm to middle of hand). The AmTryke AM-12 tricycle fits riders 34" - 40" high with an arm length of 14" - 17" and an inseam of 15" - 20"
    Is the tricycle shipped assmebled or do I have to assemble?

    The AmTryke tricycles are shipped unassembled to you and does require assembly.  The tricycles come with full installation instructions and assembly much like a standard bicycle.