Once again, our creative customers didn’t make it easy for us to choose a winner in this year’s Halloween Photo Contest. We had so many incredible submissions that not only wowed us but also made our hearts swell. It was so amazing and inspiring how hard parents work to make sure their kids have the best holiday possible. We are so inspired by YOU!

This year’s winner is Bradley! He is a hippie in a VW bus.


We asked his mom to tell us a bit about the costume. She said:


The costume idea was created by Mom. Bradley loves old VW’s and attends several car shows throughout the year. So mom thought it would be fun to make Bradley his very own bus! And of course dress him as a hippie to go along with his awesome costume. Walkin & Rollin costumes started the costume and Mom did a lot of the work herself adding all the finishing touches and even helping with adjusting the frame to fit on Bradley’s chair. It was a team effort between a lot of awesome people to create this amazing costume for Bradley. The frame was created using pvc pipe. We had to find some very creative ways to get Bradley in the bus and attach the frame to his chair so he could push the whole thing. The rest of the costume was made out of construction board and a lot of creativity . For our first event out in Bradley’s costume, we took it camping at the desert and everyone at the campground loved it and he won first place in the costume contest contest. For his second outing in his Bus we took him to a local police trunk or treat and again everyone loved it. He had so much fun being able to push the whole thing himself and had the biggest smile. For his 3rd outing we took him out Halloween night around our neighborhood and again everyone was checking out his costume and he got to make lots of new friends!

She also sent us some super cool pictures of the construction process!

Here’s the PVC pipe skeleton of the bus:

And here are the elements of the bus before they went into making it!


Thanks Julie and Bradley Nance! Congratulations!