Picture this: You’ve brought them the glass of water they asked for, read them a bedtime story, and turned out the lights…. But somehow, they’re still not able to fall asleep. This is a difficulty a lot of parents face on a daily. There are a lot of ways to help a kiddo with sensory processing difficulties calm down before bed.

4. Lavender-infused stuffed animals

Lavender is known to have a calming effect, and stuffed animals are known to have a cuddle effect. Why not both? The Warmies are a brand of lavender-infused stuffed animals that the user can heat up in the microwave for little bit. This plush bunny could be just the thing to ease your little one off into dreamland. Get him here.

3. Aroma Fan

This is exactly what it sounds like… a fan that diffuses essential oils. Some parents of children with special needs swear by essential oils in helping with calming, relaxing, and numerous other things. As a great bonus, it’s switch adapted for individuals of all abilities! Check it out.

2. Compression sheets

These are exactly what they sound like. Compression sheets are a great way to give a kiddo with sensory processing difficulties a little extra feedback as they doze off. You can check out the Sensory Hugs Sensory Bed Sheet here.

1. Weighted Blanket

One of the most effective ways to get a kiddo to sleep better for longer is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are a great tool that many occupational therapists recommend because of their ability to administer calming proprioceptive feedback as the soothe kiddos to sleep. Before purchasing a weighted blanket, please read this handy guide. If you’re ready to get a weighted blanket, shop here.

Going Forward

Even after trying a bunch of different things, your kiddo still might have trouble sleeping. Don’t give up! These kinds of things take time. If you are still not getting results, you can still try a few things you can try. You can find more of the best ways to win bedtime battles in this article.