Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others BookKnowing Yourself, Knowing Others book is an instant help book for parents and kids. It is a workbook designed for children with Asperger’s disorder, nonverbal learning disorder and other social-skill problems. Asperger’s is a common condition that affects a user’s ability to know and become involved in social interactions. Learning social skills can be a challenge for someone that has trouble with this task. This easy to use workbook offers simple exercises you can use to understand more about feelings and how to get along with others easier. Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others book includes activities that will help others learn how to read social cues, avoid meltdowns, build basic nonverbal skills and more.

Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others book includes 40 simple activities to teach the following:

  • Read social cues
  • Resolve conflicts with friends
  • Understand others’ needs and intentions

Best Practices in helping individuals with social-skills problems:

  • Breaking tasks down into concrete tasks and skills
  • Encouraging self-evaluation and social awareness
  • Developing problem-solving strategies
  • Reinforcing new, appropriate behaviors

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